The Turning Point

Emery has just found out about her parents, and brother. She is the only born vampire she knows about, until a package comes in the mail with a picture of her inside. On the back of the picture is the word written "I'm one of you."

She had never been so sad. All the pictures from her past were laid around her. They were good memories, but the present was not. She sat there looking at the pictures, crying. Her face was streaked with tears, and her blond hair was matted to her face with sweat. She looked desperate, small, and fragile. But she wasn't, inside her body was something different.

Her parents had been killed in a car wreck, her brother, too. Her family gone, in a blink of an eye. She was not there to witness the wreck, she was else where. She had been home the whole time, her friend had been there. It was an odd coincidence, her friend being there and all. Her friend had gone through every gruesome detail. She did not know why her friend had done that though. They have been friends from preschool, her friend had always been like that though. She had wondered why she had turned that way, explaining everything in detail, good or bad.

She was still sitting there. She finally went down the stairs. She was going into the kithcen, when she herd a knock on the door. She ran to the door, being cautious. She opened the door, it was Xavier. His black hair had been tousled by the wind and rain, giving him a wild look. She loved that about him. He starred at her, sympathy in his eyes.

"Oh Emery," he sighed. He pulled her into a hug, letting her head rest on his shoulder. He stroked her hair, trying to calm her. She still cried, even now. Xavier was good at comforting people, giving them advice, and keeping secrets.  He was a good friend. But his eyes, they were a different story. You could tell his mood just by looking at them, but they were also mesmerizing.

He led them over to the couch. He sat down next to her, holding her hands. She felt protected, she felt loved, she felt safe. "Ok, tell me what's wrong."

The End

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