The Turning From Man To Bat

He could feel himself turning, he could feel himself becoming one of them.
Oh, did you think I meant a ZOMBIE? OH NO! I meant something much worse.....

He could feel it happening. It was on his brain often, what if he was turning into one of them? He felt himself turning,  and turning. Where was the borderline that separated him from one of them? Maybe he didn't look quite like them. But he could feel it happening. He looked in the mirror. His name was Roy. Was that a kind of name they'd have? But no, he looked nothing like them. He'd seen their kind before, he was sure they must have used to have been normal people. Where in their life did they change? What marked the beginning of their change? Perhaps it started out as something innocent. They probably never suspected they'd turn. But slowly they turned. They might never have known, they might have just thought they were innocents, and at first they probably were, but over time they turned. But Roy knew about how people could turn, from normal into one of them. He looked up at his eyes. Still the same. No difference. No blurring, he still saw fine, no need for glasses or eye drops. But he could feel the turning creeping up on him. He could feel him becoming one of them. Was there something he could do to prevent him from turning? But no, it was already infecting his mind, he was constantly thinking of it, he practically knew all about it. Roy sighed and accepted defeat, slumping down to the ground and covering his face. He'd turned into a Batman geek.

The End

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