The Turning

Vampire Mohinder's Backstory...

It was prophesied that the world would end in 2012. In Vampire Mohinder’s timeline, it almost did. 

The whole event began with an innocent meteor shower. Usually meteoroids disintegrated as they sped toward the Earth, but not on that day. That day, several meteorites landed across the Earth’s surface. At first, no one thought much of it and people went about their business, finding the rocks and selling them. The organization that Mohinder worked for at the time was able to secure one and sent it to his lab to be studied. True, he wasn’t very busy at the moment, but he still thought it was a waste of time. Even so, he figured he’d do as asked and drilled into it, cracking it in two. 

What he found inside didn’t look normal at all. If he didn’t know better, he’d guess it was blood. A gloved finger swiped at the thick, red liquid before attempting to put it in a petri dish to check out under the microscope. As he went to do so, that was when he felt it – first a sharp pain in his chest, and following that, numbness all over until everything went dark. 

When he finally regained consciousness, chaos surrounded him. His coworkers had changed into gruesome, undead creatures and were currently trying to rip each other apart and terrorize the workers who had not changed yet. Normally, this would have been enough to make Mohinder - or anyone really - faint. But instead, for some reason that he couldn’t explain at the time, he wasn’t afraid. Standing up, he felt different, not only in body, but also in mind. He didn’t have long to ponder these new feelings before one of the monsters dove right for him, heading straight for his neck. With a reflex that he didn’t know he even had, he grabbed the creature by the hair and, using the momentum already there, guided it head first into the wall behind him, causing the cranium to pop with a nasty crunch. 

Wide-eyed, Mohinder staggered backwards, not believing what he had just done. After a moment, he straightened up and got a hold of himself. Looking around the room, he quickly guessed about what had happened. It was the only possible explanation. He rushed over to the meteorite and noticed that the red liquid was gone. Hmm. That mystery would have to wait. Right now he had to take care of these creatures before they got out of the building. And so he did just that, discovering his new talents as he went about it. 

After the building was secure, he sat down to rest, panting and thirsty. It felt like a different kind of thirst though. Before focusing on what he had become, he tried to remember exactly what happened before he woke up besides studying the meteorite, but his mind was foggy. He couldn’t even remember his address. It was a surprise that none of the alarms had gone off during all that, and his curiosity pushed him to get up to find the main office. 

Once in there, he was about to call the main number listed in the company directory to tell them what happened, but then thought better of it. He was the only survivor. He could get blamed for all this. He was not only a special, but now he had other weird powers which might show up under scrutiny. The government would have a field day with him. Not about to take any chances, he erased all evidence that he was there that day before printing out a copy of his file to help with his memory and sealing up the meteorite to take with him. He made his way out and later that night went to bury the rock deep in the ground. 

Since that day, he’d watch the news and whenever an outbreak would occur, he’d make his way over and take care of it. It turned out, when regular humans were exposed to the organism inside the meteorites, they turned into zombified vampires. But specials that were exposed turned into powerful, sentient vampires, like Mohinder. Over time, the government looked the other way and left specials and vampire specials alone because they were the only ones who were strong enough to take out the monstrosities that the meteorites manufactured. 

(This is the short summary version. Might write a detailed, full fic later.)

The End

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