Margie's End

“I’ve got about a million.” Margie said.

“That’s a shame”, the self-confessed impostor replied, “because we have time for just one.”

“Why me?”

“We gave you the code breaking job as a test, to see how much you told people. Every single person who worked there was assigned an allied spy, the spies courted the workers and questioned them about their work. To find out who would really keep mum and to provide an excuse for you to all learn German. The five of you who actually managed to keep your work secret we threatened with death. You and you alone still refused to betray your country. We need people like you Margie, even more than we need people like me.”

“So, Roger never really loved me? He was just acting on orders?”

“I’m afraid we really only had time for one question Frida. We are surfacing, it is time to serve your country. I am about to disembark, I leave you in the capable hands of Dieter.”

Frida couldn’t believe this was really happening to her.

The End

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