The Dastardly Turn of Events

Margie looked up at Roger, “I’d sooner die than help scum like you.”

Rogers ears wiggled and a grin spread across his face. “That can be arranged.” He slammed the butt of the Mauser into her forehead and Margie’s world went black.

She came around sometime later, and heard someone bark “She’s awake.” She had a blindfold on but would know that authoritative but comforting sound anywhere.

Then Roger’s voice, “let’s get that blindfold off.” The bright lights made Margie flinch but as her eyes adjusted and focused she saw she'd been right about the other occupant of the room.

“Prime Minister! What are you doing here? What’s happening?”

Winston Churchill looked at her, and said the last thing she ever expected him to say to her.

“I need you Margie, your country needs you. Sorry it had to be like this, but we had to make sure you're loyalty to Great Britain was absolute. We’re currently bound for Germany in a captured U-boat. You and Roger are about to embark on the most vital and dangerous mission of this war.”

“Margie”, Roger said, “Fancy a holiday?”

The End

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