The turkeys assemble to plot their next course of actionMature

As with any crime ring, the chances of getting caught is directly proportional to the integrity of the links which make up the ring.

And there  is always a weak link.

One of the younger turkeys paced furiously among the others.  When asked what bothered him, he snapped, "I can't take the pressure!  The cops are already here and there are certainly more to come!  We're gonna be more famous than the friggin' Manson family!  We need to get the hell outta here and hit the road!  I'm not strong, I can't survive on the lam, for Christ's sake!  I'm falling apart!"

The other turkey whispered to another at his side, who shook his head sadly and motioned to the leader, who sidled up to them and queried, "What's up Gilbert?"

Gilbert nodded in the direction of the flustered turkey, "It's the young'un, Rey.  He's already cracking up.  We can't have him giving us away, Lew.  We've worked too hard to get where we are now."

"Worked too hard?  It was kind of a spur of the moment thing, Gilb."

Gilbert gave Lew a sour expression and put his wings on his hips, "Oh really?  I will let you know, mister, that we worked our tail feathers off to do this thing.  For instance, do you know how much practice it takes to be able to work the trigger on a ten-pound shotgun when you don't even have opposable thumbs?!"

Another turkey leaned in close to Lew and said, "I ain't going back inside, man.  I just AIN'T!  I'll die before I go back to the pen!"

Lew flapped his wings soothingly, "All right, all right.  Nobody's going back to prison, Alphonze."

Another nearby tom piped up, "That's right we're not going to prison.  We're turkeys; they'll just pluck us and shove us in an oven!"

Rey put his wings to his head and swooned, "OhjesusohlordohGod!  We're gonna die!"

Lew strode up to him in three steps and smacked him hard across the beak, "Get a grip on yourself, man!"

Rey put a wing on his stinging face and struggled to control the flow of tears before responding, "Yes sir."

Whereupon Lew gently placed a comforting wing on Rey's shoulder and said, softly, "Don't call me 'Sir' son; I ain't your leader, I'm your compatriot."

One of the other turkeys, the one with one eye, hissed at Lew out of the side of his beak, "Psst!  Lew!  Do you think it's wise for all of us to be together?  As a group?  I mean, I'm worried our assembly might draw unwanted attention from the coppers."

Lew sighed and counted to ten in an effort to control his temper, "Marvin, we're turkeys.  What the hell else are we supposed to do but waddle around the front of the barn?  It's the perfect cover.  Would you prefer us splitting up and spending the rest of the day staring ominously at the cops?  That'd be creepy, man.  Just fall in line and do as you're told."

Marvin nodded and winked at Lew with his bad eye.

Gilbert asked, "What do we do now, Lew?"

Lew looked hard across the lawn at the bumbling cop stringing up the police tape.  He growled, "Tonight we strike a blow against tyranny!"

The End

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