The Turkey that decided to Kill or A day of Feathers and DeathMature

one day there was a turkey. and this turkey lived on a farm. every year someone from the farm would come by where him and his turkey friends and turkey familly were chilling, and shoot one of them. this year would be different one turkey vowed. there would be no more senseless turkey termination. so this turkey armed himself. waiting. well, some of his turkey friends decided hey thats a good idea. so the turkeys raided the arms cabinet of the farm. tthey decided to go for a turkey walk around rthe farm when bang! a gunshot went off in the distance. our revolutionary turkey knew what that meant. later on that day while the farmers familly and friends were sitting down to eat there was a rustling that grew louder and louder followed by an increasingly loud droning sound that started to be clearer. it was the sound of .......gobbling.

a news paper account , from the area of the farmers house read like this:

REUTERS> A familly of 17 was brutaly slain this thanksgiving day, all of them appearing to have suffered from gunshot wounds as well as deep cuts in the eyes and hands. some were found at the windows in a futile attempt at escape. An eyewitness account of a policeman first on scene said:

there was blood shit and feathers all over the place. it was a damn massacre, id never seen such carnage in all my years of law enforcement. it looked like they were sitting down to a real nice supper when whoever did this came knocking. its gonna take the coroners boys two days to clean this mess up.

The End

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