The Tsunami

Guardian angle protecting somebody in Japans Tsunami

Hi I am a guardian angel and there is going to be a big Tsunami in Japan today. My job is to protect a 30 year old guy...named Guy. He is on a vacation in Japan and I have to make sure he doesn't die today. Guy was walking down the street when he heard a loud speaker saying there was going to be a tsunami. He didn't really pay much attention to it and just went on with his normal day until the ground started shaking like crazy. The ground was shaking so much that he couldn't even stand up he was trying to hold on to a street light but the earth quake was to powerful. That he fell to the ground and he couldn't get up he just kept praying and I kept him safe from all harm. The earthquake finally stopped. He got up and started walking around to see if anybody was hurt he found somebody who was impaled with a stake from a metal fence and he was laying in a puddle of his own blood Guy called 911 and the ambulance showed up and was trying to get the fence stake out of the guy when they finally got the post out they laid him down and he died. The medic walked up to Guy and told me that he died and they told him to leave so he did. He walked away feeling full of guilt like he could of done something more than he did. Guy didn't know where to go so he went back to his hotel and there was stuff was and the hotel was flattened. Then Guy heard a loud siren and it stood for a Tsunami he ran as fast as he could and got into a rental car and floored it when he was going he saw the tsunami coming behind him. He was praying like crazy and I kept him safe although he thought he was going to die. His car ran out of gas ran out really quickly and he didn't even make it out of the area where the tsunami hit and he was on top of a bridge waiting for the tsunami to come he was praying that the tsunami wouldn't reach him but it did it went all around him and took out the rest of the bridge he was on the only part he was on stayed up and he survived and a helicopter came and got him and he thanked God and went back to where he lived in Las Angels California.

The End

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