Alarms went ablaze. The one man considered to be the most dangerous escapee in the history of both the allied nations was leaving. Throughout the history of this war between the insurgent scopes and allied forces nothing could be considered a more dangerous blow. Upon exiting the busted front door the man appeared dressed in black wearing Apalian emblems. He looked to be dressed in much of the same way that Shiva and her team were dressed.

"Ah, much better," bellowed the hulk of a person. A red scarf found its way around his neck via his female assistant. This same colored uniform attire was similar to that of Commander Shiva but that scarf had tiny white stripes riddled throughout. Only a commanding general of the Apalian military was given such an uniform ornament. 

"Good to see you back sir," said the little creature of a boy. He was welcoming back the escaping prisoner back to the land of the free while operating the front gate via the key controls at the front door. The tail of this imp-like youth went to work stabbing into the control panel and causing all sorts of wiring mischief. 

Located just above the prison on the roof stood a shadow watching the events unfold. No further action was made. This person appeared to be doing more observing than anything else. After a few moments of onlooking this spy placed their hand onto the side of their head as if they were focusing on some task. A mental message was delivered. 

"Looks like we have an issue. And you won't believe what the scopes pulled off this time," projected the spy.

"What do you see?" was a return message.

"Might wanna sit down for this's Brunson," the spy answered mentally.

A few blocks away stood Eric and Samantha. It was Eric who sent Xelic to spy on the situation since the three of them would have to pass through this area if they wanted to reach their destination. At the same time, despite the mission objective, the three of them were obliged to give assistance where needed. This was especially true if Octavius Brunson was involved. 

"Sir, who exactly is this Brunson guy and why should we care?" Sam asked.

"Trust me, you don't want to know. All I know is that we have to stop this escape. If he gets loose and joins the scopes the scales are tipped in the enemy's favor," Gognish explained.

Isenk wanted to laugh. One man tipping the tides of war? She thought that idea was laughable at best. Eric already took the liberty and read her mind to see if she had any inkling of what the three of them were up against. Seeing her take a former general of the Apalian army as a joke was disheartening. 

"Not to cut in on rookie education or anything but uh, yeah, they're escaping LT. Permission to stop them," the sergeant projected. 

"Private, you are to take this man and his cohorts seriously. They're dangerous. Remember they escaped a maximum security facility unharmed. Brunson took on an entire platoon before and showed mercy by not killing every last one of them. He's no joke," Eric pointed out. He was beginning to get a little concerned for the private's safety. He thought that for someone who was on a hospital bed not that long ago that she was a little arrogant. In terms of service time nobody belonging to the Deathkites had more time in the field than this lieutenant. He knew arrogance could get a person killed or cause that person's teammates to get killed as well.

"Yes sir," Sam responded. She was being careful to not think anything that would contradict anything her senior said due to the fact that this guy could read minds. Eric lied when he said he'd never pry into someone's thoughts without permission. Everyone under and over him didn't think he was telling the truth. That was one of the reasons he ended up being an intelligence officer by default since secrets weren't going to be hidden from him anyways if he managed to run into the right person with answers to any questions he might have.

Sam made her arm shift from a normal arm and hand attachment to an automatic rifle. She took after Eric who was already running towards the electrically charged front gate. The lieutenant took cover behind a building that was just one block away from the scene. He held a hand towards the private to signal her to stop her advance. The action could be viewed from here.

"Hold up. This is a great opportunity for you to witness a fight between demis," Eric projected. 

A look of confusion appeared on the lower ranked's face. She thought that her sergeant would need help if this Brunson character was as strong as the lieutenant was making him out to be. There was always that sense of comradery within her. While Eric respected this quality he felt like she wasn't ready to face this level of threat until she understood completely what she was dealing with. Samantha was just a cyborg. Demis were on a whole different level. 

"Sir, with all due respect, we have to help him. What about what you said about that over sized creep?" Samantha whispered. 

"Trust me. You underestimate Sergeant Montaine. It'll be scope versus scope," Eric whispered back.

"Scope versus scope?" Sam thought. A deeper look of confusion appeared on the private's face. What did her commanding officer mean by this statement? She knew that the Apalian military had an acceptance policy since one's mind could be read by people like the lieutenant to see true intentions so sometimes even past enemies could enlist. But a scope in the Apalian military? Right now? She had many questions.

"Sir-" Sam was cut off. Eric held a finger up to his lips as if to signal her to be quiet and then pointed towards the escaping party. There was going to be a show. If the lieutenant knew Xelic well, and he did, not many situations would give Private Isenk a better look into demi battles. 

Xelic didn't hesitate to move once he spotted his teammates watching from a distance. Once his three targets moved through the front door the stealthy sergeant leaped from the top of the building. The descent should be more than enough to kill most any person. How this person planned on surviving such a fall would be a wonder to anyone looking and wasn't aware of what Xelic could do. 

The private moved to go help her teammate but Eric held her back. A smile was on his face. Sam thought for sure Xelic was going to die. Nobody could have survived that kind of fall. Her body was mostly metal and even she'd have near fatal injuries upon impact. 

Isenk couldn't believe her eyes when she saw what happened next. Xelic was eyeing the grass below and that was where he'd make his move. Since demis could see the aura or physical energy of other demis Sam was given a right eye that could see this energy without being a demi herself. The massive amount of power her sergeant possessed was not only surprising but downright terrifying. She had no idea this guy had that kind of power all along.

"So this is the power of the man they call the razor shadow," she thought. She watched on as Xelic began performing all sorts of hand movements that was symbolic of some sort of ninjutsu. Obscene amounts of energy was projected towards the ground. The party of the escaped prisoner and accessories were the intended targets. 

"Fraction guillotine!" Xelic shouted his attack command. It appeared that those words triggered the intended effect. Samantha could analyze everything that was happening. She figured out that her sergeant's ability was to somehow bend wind to his will but something was off. He threw a series of punches that only hit air since he was still a far ways off from his targets. Yet somehow his energy was projected through those punches, affected the wind and sent down sickles of wind.

"Do you see it?" Eric projected. 

"Yes, but I'm not sure I believe it," Sam thought. 

"It's rather simple. He is an elemental demi. His element is wind. He can use that wind to make any strike or projectile thrown from him be amplified to superhuman levels that couldn't be realistically measured since we don't know how hard he could actually strike something," Eric explained telepathically.

The End

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