The First Scope AppearsMature

Shiva and her unit never got word of what was happening at the prison. By now the group had made their way deeper into the capital. Nobody walked the streets since there was a curfew in effect. Anyone caught outside at this late hour without authorization would be detained. Galileon police patrolled the streets. None dared to stop the Deathkites on their march to the mission objective.

Velincia kept a hand on the hostage's shoulder as only her and Eric were actually on the streets walking. Meanwhile the six armed blue man remained in MTS contact with the rest of the group. Since it was unclear what sort of testimony abilities the Deathkites would run into Eric decided to use the codename of "knight" along with disguising mental speech and using code words. He figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

"Knight 4 this is knight 2. How's the weather up there?" Eric projected.

"Knight 2 I'm thinking the weather is pretty nice with clear skies," Xelic projected back.

There was a jump from building top to building top being made by Xelic. The sergeant carried his sword instead of a sniper rifle. Of course the choice of weaponry didn't make much sense given the situation. Eric was worried that if an enemy with long range capabilities were to appear that it would be mostly up to Samantha to dispatch that threat. 

"Captain, what's the word? Anything from Private Isenk?" asked Shiva.

"Commander she has maintained silence. Her altitude much be so high to the point where her thoughts can't reach me," Eric responded.

Sending a message to Eric was difficult for Sam in this situation while traveling at such high speeds. But it was no task for the captain to send his own message to her given his high brain power.

"Knight 3 cleaned off your glasses yet?" Eric projected. He placed his fingers against the side of head. A vein appeared on his head at the same time.

A 7471 Shuriken fighter jet screamed through the skies. The speeds this beast of an aerial vehicle could reach was enough to make a normal human pass out. Most of the time mechanical demis were utilized as pilots. This couldn't be helped. Those like Sam were the only ones who could withstand the many G forces that would be experienced.

"Captain how much farther?" asked Shiva.

"Quarter of a mile I'd say. We're entering into the main part of the capital," Eric answered.

His head lowered a bit and his eyes closed. Shiva looked at him. Performing such actions usually meant something was either wrong or that the captain was trying to do a mental scan. In either case that concerned the commander. She narrowed her eyes and looked around to see if the coast was clear.

"Something the matter?" she asked.

"Nothing is wrong commander but that's precisely what I'm worried about," he responded.

"Why be concerned when it's easy?" she asked.

"Apalia doesn't assign us to easy missions. Something or someone is clearly going to try to stop us but the fact they haven't shown up yet makes me uneasy," he answered.

"You worry too much," Shiva said.

But it was Eric's job to worry too much. Shiva was always so confident that her testimony was unstoppable. He had to admit that even his mental control over her mind didn't work because her body wasn't normal. Still the fact that nobody showed up to resist thus far meant that either they slipped under the Horrorscope's attention or whomever was meant to stop them was really sure they wouldn't need to do much against them. Either case meant trouble as far as Eric was concerned. If they were to face a powerful enemy that would be an issue and if the Horrorscopes had business elsewhere it meant other Apalian soldiers were dealing with them.

The concern was validated when the team encountered a blockade. Only beaten hover vehicles and three men blocked the path towards the main part of the capital. Two of them were dressed in all black with veiled faced symbolizing that the pair came from Horrorscope ranks. In the middle was an individual garbed in bandages from head to toe that covered his face. This person looked more like a mummy.

"Here we go. I thought they would never show up," Shiva said. 

While the commander smiled at this challenge Eric was busy worrying. Something about this didn't smell right. Surely the Horrorscopes, the worst terrorist cell in all the world, had more personnel than this to spare. He came to two conclusions. Either this group grossly underestimated the unit they were aiming to face or the three men would have sufficed to provide enough of a challenge. Potentially these men were guaranteed to win against the Deathkites as far as the scopes were concerned.

"Knights be on alert. We have bad weather down here," Eric projected to everyone.

The commander and her second in command along with the hostage ceased walking. Velincia took a seat forward while cracking her knuckles. She assumed that since these people were here and intel said the coast should have been clear that these scopes knew what they were up against. To her there was no need to conceal her identity anymore.

"Kind of late to be sitting there especially with the curfew," Shiva said.

In response the bandaged man took a step forward and folded his arms. His voice was cracked but deep at the same time.

"And by us being here I guess you can gather that we really don't care about your stupid curfew Apalian dog," the mummy man said.

Shiva narrowed her eyes. She hated to be called names. Everyone on the ground noticed their clothing waving in the wind as Samantha flew her craft high above. Flying around had the intention of intimidation. No matter how gifted these men might have been pure firepower typically tipped the scales in Apalia's favor. 

"What's your business?" asked Eric.

"We're here to see if you're worth all the chatter," said the bandaged person.

"This is merely a prisoner transfer. He committed crimes and is a murderer. Even if you are horrorscopes you people seem to understand some degree of crime and punishment. No need to interfere with this," Eric said. He was lying but he was hoping the scopes would've brought his story.

A laugh came from the mummy. "Right, right. And I suppose you want us to believe that when the prison is in the opposite direction you were traveling?" the mummy asked.

"Alright, listen closely because I'm only going to ask each question once. Who are you? What do you want? Do you realize the penalty of interfering with Apalia's interests? And do you realize we're authorized to use force if necessary?" asked Shiva.

"I'll only answer one question. My name is Conrad Kintrell and me and you Velincia Shiva have unfinished business," Conrad said as a response.

Eric's eyes shot open. That guy knew Shiva by name? The Deathkites were supposed to be a secret unit used for special operations. The only time their identities were given out was when a very high ranking person inquired about them. So how then did this Conrad person find out someone's name when that individual belonged to one of the most elite units in all of Apalia?

"How do you know my name?" Shiva asked.

"Believe me. I know all about the woman they call the human hellhound," Conrad replied.

"We need a distraction and we need to get out of here. If he knows who you are then he probably knows what you can do as well," Eric projected towards Velincia.

Shiva knew that Eric's judgment was sound. A big part of the Deathkite combat style and success was because of the element of surprise. Again, hardly anyone knew about what this unit's personnel could do in terms of testimony abilities. If the element of surprise was gone that could be devastating towards overwhelming the enemy with unknown abilities. However the commander would not retreat.

"Captain, I'm going to issue an order and you are to carry it out," Shiva said.

"Yes commander. What is it?" Eric asked.

"Take the hostage and get to the objective. The others are to follow suit. I'll personally deal with this," she ordered.

Eric frowned. He couldn't believe his commander was asking him to abandon her in order to complete a mission. But then he realized just who his commanding officer was. He knew that Shiva would do anything to complete a mission even if it meant sacrificing herself. At the same time even if these guys knew about what she could do and even if she were all alone Eric would bet on his commander winning any fight. As powerful as Eric was even he couldn't defeat Velincia in a one on one fight.

He decided that it was better this way. The commander had the tendency to create a lot of destruction. While she never really showed a lot of concern for many people and though she was described as being heartless Velincia cared a lot about her unit. He figured she wouldn't want her people getting hurt in her rampage. There was still some reluctance.

"Commander, I..." Eric couldn't finish his words.

"Captain, I believe I gave you an order. Yes, we are friends and that much is my mistake because I should keep it strictly professional and nothing more. But I won't hesitate to punish you for insubordination and you know that," Shiva threatened.

If Shiva called this man a friend how could she expect him to want to leave her here all alone? That was the question Eric had to ask himself. Yet he honored the order because a friend gave him that directive.

"Knights continue towards the dog house. Knight 1 will be staying behind to deal with the stray cats," Eric projected towards the rest of the team.

"Knight 2 what the hell? No deal. We're not leaving one of us to deal with three. Negative on that," Xelic mentally responded. 

"This is knight 3 concurring with knight 4. If one stays we all stay," Samantha projected.

"I gave an order and you will all follow it. These guys are here to slow us down and by staying we'll only be playing into their hands. You have your orders now follow them knights!" Eric projected angrily. 

He hated displaying his rank to lower ranking soldiers but Eric knew the reason why Shiva was doing this. The hostage was placed upon his shoulders with his many arms supporting the weight. Eric leaped into the air but in forward motion utilizing his telekinesis to propel his body without having to the touch the ground. He could fly. That was an ability he wished to keep secret from the Horrorscopes but in this situation there was no other alternative. The rest of the team followed suit with no further argument.

Conrad watched the rest of the Deathkites take off towards their mission objective. Another laugh came out of this bandaged man. Shiva wasn't laughing. She reached into her body suit and pulled out a red scarf. The scarf was applied to her neck. Velincia presented a balled up fist towards her opponents.

"Alright, looks like the party can finally start now. Stay out of this you two. Go after the other dogs. I'll handle this puppy," Conrad instructed. 

The other two men went after the rest of the Deathkites leaving the mummy to take on the commander solo. 

"You wanted me now you got me. But just one question. How did you know my name?" Shiva asked.

"How could I not?" Conrad asked.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"This isn't the first time we've met. You and I have old business to sort out and you'll be made to pay for your crimes Shiva," Conrad said. His voice was a little deeper when he spoke of crime and old business.

Velincia could sense that this guy was angry about something. Of course every scope had a tendency to have something against either Apalia or Galileo. But this confrontation, from what she could tell, had nothing to do with the two nations. Instead this appeared to be personal. However, she couldn't remember who this guy was. Perhaps the bandages covering his face could be concealing his identity.

"I don't know you and its not like it would matter. I'm going to crush you. So, lets say we cut the talk?" she asked.

"By all means," Conrad responded. 

Shiva assumed a boxing style fighting position. Her muscles began to bulge. While she was a woman it was hard to tell her apart from a man at this point since many of her feminine features had disappeared. She was using her testimony ability that not many got to see. Since this guy called her out by name there was a degree of anger towards the bandaged man. She wanted to make him understand respect and pay him back for calling her a dog.

"Ah, getting serious are we? Bring it on you filthy dog. You may scare others with that little show but it'll do nothing against me since I've seen it before," Conrad pointed out.

There it was again. The mummy called the commander a canine once more. That prompted Shiva to set the table for her assault. Her eyes glowed a bright red as more muscular features appeared. 

"You want me? Fine! You can have me! Crumble under the weight of my testimony; strength of the gods!" she shouted.

When she launched herself towards Conrad he would understand this woman's pure physical strength. He leaped backwards behind the grounded the hover vehicles and began running backwards. With the vehicles in the way Shiva's arms knocked them aside as if the masses of metal were nothing more than a child's play toys. 

"Just as expected she charges in like a bull with rage. Can't say I didn't see this coming. Still to push those hovers around like that? So this is the power of the hellhound woman?" Conrad thought.

"Now die!" Shiva yelled.

The End

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