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While the Deathkites set their plan into motion there were others moving in opposition to their plans. The second there were mentions of Apalian soldiers in the area and formidable ones at that the battle ground had to be evened out. As far as equalizers could go there was only one group that could stand against Shiva and her merry few. Her arrival set into motion an enemy that she could never defeat.

Ironically the plot against the commander's mission was taking place at the spot where the giant tank ceased movement; the Galileon National Penitentiary. It was night time. Most inmate activities were ceased until the following day. The warden was even preparing to go home. Shifts were being changed by correctional officers. For the most part the night was going by rather smoothly without incident.

"Close twenty one! Cut on the water! Alright boys go ahead and shower!" shouted a correctional officer. Cell number twenty one closed.

The prison was somewhat of a dream for some of the criminal living in it. After all, being locked up was a much better situation than to be executed. In fact, most of the time, almost every crime in this city was punishable by death. For the fortunate few that resided here life was pretty good. Three meals a day, a hot shower and a place to live were just some of the advantages of being sentenced to stay here. There were few that deserved a head chopping as far as the law was concerned. Most times, the only people who were executed were traitors and political assassination targets. 

Every cell or what appeared to be a cell was actually more like a college dorm room. There were televisions, some sort of music playing device, a personal shower, and a small refrigeration containers. Criminals here were treated like royalty as compared to inmates anywhere else. The treatment of the convicted was a source of controversy.

There were some who would intentionally get themselves placed here by committing crimes. To some it didn't make sense but with amenities like this it was no wonder why the homeless would prefer to be incarcerated. This was the life. After all if one was apart of the numbers of the less fortunate three hot meals, a place to sleep and free health care certainly didn't sound too horrible. 

"One hour shower and then sleep time. Lights out at nine," announced another officer.

That was the words of another correctional officer walking around looking in cell doors. He made his announcement with a bullhorn. His voice was fairly loud. That only made sense. He was apart of the Apalian army. The allied forces of Apalia and Galileo had a division dedicated specifically to corrections. Most of the time the soldiers that were assigned here didn't have the qualities needed to be infantry or something intense.

Corrections was the laughing stock of the army. The officers did hardly anything at all. Cell doors could be opened at the push of a button. Prisoners were rarely aggressive or tried to escape. Why would anyone try to escape heaven? Not to mention that while it was the easiest job in the army it also gave any soldier serving as a correctional officer the same benefits that any other soldier got. Less work with the same pay meant that the prison was overflowing with officers.

An hour passed. Most were already asleep. All except for one man turned in for the night. All the inmates knew that staying up past nine was against prison policy and that they could be punished. But punishment for some wasn't an option. The only reason why this prison stayed in operation was because some of the prisoners helped the correctional officers maintain control. One such prisoner remained awake even though he knew the penalty for doing so.

One of the rookie guards came to room number twenty one which was dubbed "the special room." This room was utilized for the prisoners that were special cases. The occupant inside of the cell was definitely a special case. The soldier's armor gleamed with the shining of light from a holoscreen that displayed the evening news. The guard tapped on the cell door.

"Prisoner, turn off the television and go to sleep. It's nine o'clock," the officer instructed.

Silence was all the correctional officer received. He couldn't see who the man was sitting in the room. He didn't even know who the man was. This was the guard's first day on the job. There was no way he could have known all the prisoners by heart. The officer didn't care who it was. He proved this by tapping on the bars again.

"Did you hear me? I said turn off the television. I can just turn it off at the control station but I won't do that. Not for anybody. When I tell you to do something you do it. Do you understand me, inmate?" the officer inquired.

It was clear what he was trying to do. New guards had to prove themselves to everybody locked up here. The last thing any officer wanted was the label of being soft. Prisoners would walk all over soft guards.

His instructions went ignored yet again. Instead of just going down to the control station and turning off the power he pulled out a set of keys, opened the air lock cell door and walked into the cell. He quickly approved the television and turned it off. That made the inmate stand up from his bed, turn his head and look at the guard.

"Didn't you hear me? You slow or something? You will follow the rules or suffer the consequences," the guard threatened.

That didn't sit too well with the prisoner who only stared at the man trying to make him go to sleep. The guard pulled out a flashlight and flashed it in the man's face. It was then that the officer understood just who it was he was talking to. As far as height went the soldier turned correctional officer was a fairly large man. However, the officer was a dwarf in comparison to the hulking prisoner with the outrageous muscle mass. That giant's voice was deep and really made sense for someone of this size.

"I'm sorry. Were you speaking to me?" asked the monster of a man.

"Uh, yeah, like I said, uh, go, to...sleep?" he asked in a very timid voice.

Still the man didn't comply with any instruction the guard gave him.

"Well, let me kindly tell you something. No, really, come close," said the large man.

The correctional officer had the instinct to use MTS to call for back up. But going against his instincts the guard moved closer to hear what the inmate had to say. There was a false belief that the camera systems located throughout the prison would be monitored by other officers that would come in to help if assistance was needed.

"Yes, what is it?" asked the officer.

The giant leaned in while taking a few steps forward. The closer this creature of a person got into the hologram's light the more pronounced the appearance was. From head to toe this person had holes in their silver colored skin. A smile went across their face to reveal teeth with what appeared to be holes in them as well. Their skin was black and not a single instance of body hair could be found including eyebrows. 

"Do you like bananas?" the creature asked.

"B-bananas?" asked the guard.

"Yes, bananas," confirmed the giant.

"I'm actually allergic," the guard pointed out.

"Yes, yes. I see. Well, I take it you don't like them then?" asked the inmate.

"I just said I'm allergic. If I like them or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that I told you to turn off the holoscreen and go to sleep inmate. I will not ask you again," instructed the officer.

A sigh came from the creature's mouth.

"You see, like banana I can peel your skin and then eat you. Would you like that?" asked the large man.

There was a look of shock from the guard. No inmate had the nerve to speak to an officer like that. However, it was at the point that the insult and the threat registered in this officer's mind that he realized whom he was talking to. That prompted the man to back out of the that room and shut the door as fast as he could. This particular prisoner wasn't to be bothered, disturbed, or even spoken to. In fact that was the reason why this guy was placed in this particular cell.

"S-sorry to have b-bothered you," said the officer. 

Neither of the guard's feet could take him away fast enough from cell number twenty one. That cell held one of the worst criminals ever; Octavius Brunson. Slowly he sat down at a makeshift desk he created out of wood and metal. He began sifting through old military records. Some of the guards who liked him stretched the rules so that he could review his own credentials even though the policy stated that prisoners were not to have such material. A trip through memories always raised his spirits. 

This man was given special treatment for two reasons. One, he was considered royalty even now among many soldiers despite his conviction of high treason. The only reason why he wasn't executed on the spot was because if he wanted so he could have escaped confinement. To date there hasn't been a discovery on just how to kill this guy. Like Shiva his body was considered to be darn near impenetrable. His witness and testimony abilities hasn't seen a match in years. If the guards were to be honest they wouldn't know what to do if he had decided to escape. No one could stop him. He gave his word he wouldn't initiate an early release on his part.

It was far too quiet for the general. He resided in his cell awaiting his release. He knew they'd come. Of course, this guy didn't need anyone to bust him out of this place. That could be done easily and he could do it all by himself. Still, he wanted a way to do it without having to go back on his word. Otherwise Brunson wouldn't have sent out a message through the mail to get him out.

A cold breeze blew outside. The temperature was only thirteen degrees. There was only ice on the ground and covering all the metal gates of the prison. Snow was falling. All the guards standing outside were freezing with the exception of one.

"Lucky bastard," said one of the officers.

Two on site officers sat in chairs in a watch tower. One of them was freezing. The metal armor freezing up didn't help. He didn't take too kindly to the fire starter who sat next to him. She simply turned up her body heat to keep herself warm. Her smile and laugh upset her partner.

"I don't see what is so funny! Its cold out here! Why do we have to be out here? If anybody breaks free they'd freeze to death anyways. We're miles away from civilization and even further away from the capital," said the shivering guard.

The guard would understand why somebody had to be outside. He spotted something approaching the front gates on the snow covered road. There were only three people. Why be out here at two in the morning and in this freezing weather? That was out of the ordinary. That prompted the officer to tap his partner and point out towards the oncoming party.

"I'm pretty sure they aren't here for the great food," he joked.

"Or to pick up some knitting. Something doesn't smell right. Then again, they could just be lost. Here, let me handle this," she replied.

"Yeah, wouldn't be the first time. Not very hard to get lost out here," the male guard replied.

Her hand reached down under her chair. She pulled out a standard issue Galileon long range rifle. It was called the wasp. That thing could easily take down an elephant from a mile away. It was all black and could carry a maximum ammunition load of twenty rounds.
Something was definitely wrong. The pair stood at the giant front gates of the prison.

They didn't move. Spotlights came on from every direction. It was only then that the two appearances could be made. These people certainly didn't look very intimidating. One looked to be only a boy. The other appeared to be a woman. Their identities were unknown to everybody watching them from the water towers to the camera room in the prison.

The only thing that was certain about these two people was that they looked out of the normal. That fact alone was unusual. After all, demis were rare around the world but Galileo had a high concentration of them. Some of them had altered physical appearances as well. To find anyone that looked weird even by those standards was enough for the tower guards to be worried.

The female was tall and had some serious muscle definition. She didn't have a nose or eyebrows. Whenever she breathed her razor sharp teeth would show. Those teeth matched her claws. She wore a steel vest with red cloth trim around the edges, black cargo pants and nothing on her feet. Her hair was jet black and her skin was white in color. Those eyes she had were yellow and oval shaped. The most defining characteristic about this woman were her forearms. She had what appeared to be sabers attached to the sides of her forearms.

That kid was the weirdest looking of the two. He looked to be made of some sort of metal. Yet, strangely enough, he looked to be skinny and frail. His eyes were pointed like an elf. He too had sharp teeth. He didn't have on clothes yet he didn't have any sexual organ a boy would have. The only reason why he even had the appearance of being male was due to the fact that he didn't have any female sex organs either. The shoulder build was consistent of a male. Just like his female counterpart he had a special attachment as well. That would be his tail. At the tip of the tail was a sharp needle.

The female staff member held up her rifle. She checked out the trespassers with her sights.

"What are we gonna do about the freaks shows?" the male guard asked.

"Those two look like trouble. You know the news. Scopes have been popping up. Wouldn't be the first time they tried to help someone escape. Remember two years ago?" she asked.

"Yeah, you have a point there. Wanna sound the alarm?" the male guard asked.

"No, no, no. We can handle this. They don't look armed," the female guard responded with.

The front gate had an intercom system. That made the two of them focused their attention to the gate. They both smiled.

"This is the joint Galileon and Apalian department of corrections. You are tresspassing. Turn around now," the female guard announced.

Neither one of them obeyed anything this intercom said. They clearly weren’t here to follow instructions. The woman went down to one kneww. She grabbed a handful of snow. Her cheeks turned out to not be cheeks at all. Instead, they were gills. She pressed the snow into her gills as if she were trying to absorb the water which snow was made of. That action seemed to enrage her. Her mouth opened. The boy covered his right ear by pressing his tail against it and covered his left ear with both hands.

“What in the world is she doing?” wondered the female guard.

“Probably just high off something. But this could be trouble. I'm sounding the alarm," the male guard said.

The male officer moved over to a desk that had a red button on it. Before he could press the button there was a sound that made both correctional officers fall to the ground. That woman produced a shriek so powerful that it could paralyze someone in pain if someone wasn't protecting their ears.

“What in the hell is that?!" the woman knight screamed in pain while covering her ears.

“Shoot her! Shoot her now!” shouted the male officer.

That gate was still in the way. That wasn’t a problem for one of the intruders. The feral machine boy stabbed the intercom with his tail and penetrated the metal. He closed his eyes. Only two seconds later and both of his eyes shot open. Instead of pupils there were a series of zeros and ones in binary code falling in a downward pattern in his eyes. The gate opened up.

“Ready to go to work Zach?” asked the woman.

“Sure thing pirahna chicka,” he responded.

“You know I hate it when you call me that,” the ferocious woman said.

"Alright, sorry Brilliance. Time to go get 'em," the boy said.

"Sure is. I'm going in now!" she exclaimed.

“Bri! Wait! I didn’t mea-“ He shook his head. That woman always ran into battle without any sort of strategy besides ripping people and property apart.

This Brilliance certainly wasted no time when it came to becoming aggressive. She charged forward into a sea of guards as if she expected no harm to come to her. Automated gun torrent sprouted up from the ground. The machines opened fire with huge rounds pouring out from them. If any of them hit she would die instantly. Her land speed was great. So was her tactic in avoiding being hit. She moved almost like a shark underwater going for a kill with her zig zag pattern of running.

Zach took cover behind the water tower. He hoped that his display of machine control would have told Brilliance that he could have reprogrammed the torrents. Now he couldn’t do anything except give her advice.

“Bri! Armor piercing rounds coming your way!” Zach projected. These could not be ordinary prison break specialists. After all, they were utilizing a MTS mental frequency. That sort of ability was not and probably never would be available to the general public. This sort of capability was military grade. 

He hated when he had to think for her. At least now Brilliance had a plan. She made it to one of the torrents. That shriek of hers would be ineffective against this mechanical lead slinger. It didn’t matter. She didn’t plan on destroying the machine. She wanted its counterpart to do the work for her. Both torrents were lined up side by side and could move with a swivel in a three hundred and sixty degree turn. That was the one weakness Brilliance exploited. Once she took cover next to a torrent the other machine fired upon its ally.

This was the opening Zach needed. He jumped from behind the tower and moved in quickly. Zach ran on all four limbs. He leaped up into the air, performed a somersault and landed on top of the machine. He stabbed it from the top. It turned around towards the crowd of officers and unleashed a lead based hell.

Prison property being turned on the authorized users was a good enough distraction for Brilliance. She needed the attention of the guards to be diverted long enough for her to send out the signal. She reached behind her back and pulled out a flare gun. Her arm pointed the gun up into the air. She fired it.

“Zach! Take cover!” she projected.

He couldn’t interpret the thought projection fast enough. Not even the guards could hear her from Zach firing at them. Not many could take cover. Most fell via gunshot wound. Some lost leg.s, torsos, crotches, arms, heads or a combination of all of the above. His head and eyes shot up towards the sky. Those same eyes widened. He never moved so fast in his life trying to get away from his current position. Brilliance was already moving back towards the gate.

There was a sound. At least, at first there was a single sound. At that point there were two sounds. The remaining guards that hadn’t been shot to death didn’t know what they were hearing. But every knight that saw what was vastly approaching in the distance screamed in horror. Two missiles were coming fast. There was simply no way anyone could dodge something like that unless they saw it coming. The missiles struck and knocked both Zach and Brilliance away with a back blast. The two were not hurt. The same couldn’t be said for the guards. Not a single one of them survived

The End

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