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For three months they waited. NACPD headquarters required the best of the best doctors. Surgery on wounds for a normal person was a serious issue. However, dealing with those whose body parts that are far from typical presented a unique set of complications. A numerous amount of surgeries were required to help the average officer. This officer in particular required millions of dollars of repairs.

Her eyes opened slowly. The room was bright. From the moment her eyelids closed again to shield the pupils from blindness crusty sand bits nearly blocked the eyes from shutting. She wanted to cough but her throat gave the illusion of traveling through a barren desert. That cough sounded more like dust being forced through a swollen nostril. 

Panic set in. She was awake and she was also aware that she was awake. Yet this woman couldn't move a muscle outside of her mouth and her eyes. Her own snot turned to liquid and traveled down the length of her lips and nearly into her mouth. Tears appeared upon her eyes. She was believing that paralysis was her fate.

Without realizing it this woman was utilizing her training to immediately attempt to memorize parts of the room and take notes. This had to be a laboratory of some sort if she were a betting woman. There were life support machines riddled throughout. A night stand with flowers and cards was close to her left. Above her was a bright light. To her right was a beeping light embedded into a square shaped box on one of the life support machines. There were horizontal grooves that had all of the appearances of a radio of some sort. It was worth a try.

"H-help! Somebo-" 

She couldn't finish her words. Another cough came. She struggled to move any other body parts. Her eyes turned to the left and then to the right. There were numerous amounts of contraptions bearing plug ins that had all of the appearances of being attached to her. Even greater horror came to her when she noticed two legs and two arms suspended on a vertical slab to the side of her body. Those were her limbs. 

The sound of the door made her eyes dart towards the only entrance into the room. To her relief her commander along with another man in glasses entered. There was no sound. For some reason the ability to hear wasn't present anymore. But she wouldn't need to hear anything to understand that Velincia was very upset over something. 

"The hell do you mean she's fit for duty?! Thirty percent of her body was destroyed! I'm not sending her back out! You're insane!" Shiva shouted. 

While the commander had the reputation of not giving a damn about anybody who served underneath her nothing could be further from the truth. If it could be helped Samantha wouldn't be in action for a while. Shiva was the one making sure that didn't happen because if NACPD had their way this recruit would have been back in action in under a month. This was why Shiva fought so hard to allow the trainee some recovery time. By the commander's thoughts it would be better to have someone at their best.

"Don't you think you should let Cadet Isenk decide for herself? You're not her mother. You're her commander. Act like it," replied the man in glasses. He turned and glanced over at Samantha.

"I refuse to send MY cadet back into the fray until I know she's alright. You got that?" Shiva asked. 

The spectacles man turned back to face Velincia but with a frown. "Maybe you've forgotten Captain Shiva but I'm a Major meaning I outrank you. I make the final decision as to whether or not Cadet Isenk is fit for duty. If she is fit and is willing to continue the evaluation process then it really isn't up to you. And I'm Major Hallowing to you Captain Shiva. Please do remember that," he instructed.

Velincia folded her arms. She was prepared to say something back. Eric had to intervene. "Commander, please, at least not in front of Samantha. Insubordination isn't a good example for a cadet," he said telepathically. While there was some reluctant to heed that advice the captain would yield. Shiva approached her trainee and pulled up a chair.

"AI control password Valkyrie. Command prompt Cadet Samantha Julian Isenk," said Shiva.

Samantha's body began to move. She noticed that the arms and legs she thought to be hers actually were not. When she leaned up into a seated position she noticed that all of her body parts were brand new and improved. This was by the captain's order. Sam rotated her wrists and her arms before turning to let her legs dangle off of the bed. She attempted to stand but stumbled once her feet touch the ground. Shiva was there to support the rather heavy body.

"Take it easy cadet. This new body is going to take some getting used to. Ain't like that scrap of junk you called a body before," the commander said.

"The hell did you guys put in this stuff? Jet fuel?" Sam asked. 

It wasn't that the body parts took time to get used to. The strength her legs had now threw off her center of balance. She felt like she could stomp a hole in the ground if she wanted to. In fact she actually could do that now. Nothing was covering her body. Her eyes just noticed that whereas before she wasn't even aware she had a body anymore. The "Haloion Tech" logo made her smile. This was the good stuff and quite expensive.

"Yeah that's right. We get a good budget. You're as good as new. No, actually, you're better than that now," Shiva said with a smile.

"Uh, yeah, thanks commander," Sam said. Her eyes looked up at the man who she now recognized as a NACPD medical officer.

"Major, with all due respect, can you give us some privacy? For goodness sake she doesn't even have clothes on," the captain pointed out. Shiva realized the quite awkward situation the cadet was forced into now.

"Of course," said the doctor. He left the room and closed the door.

"What were you guys talking about and why did you look so upset?" asked the cadet.

"Don't worry about that. Just focus on getting better," said Velincia.

"Its not your fault," said Sam.

"What isn't?" Shiva asked.

"What happened to me. It's not your fault. You're one woman. You can't be in every place at once," the cadet pointed out.

"Don't worry about me. Worry about you. That's your problem cadet. Always worrying about others before you take care yourself," Velincia said.

Sam took a minute to reflect on those words before saying anything else. While her commanding officer never liked to show it there was a level of care and concern for that woman's underlings. Shiva's face was the face a guilty woman would wear. A sigh came from the commander's mouth. Samantha gave the larger female a pat on the shoulder. She could now walk on her. Apparently the new body didn't take much adjusting to.

Shiva took the time to disconnect the life support plug ins and wires. Clothing was folded up into a neat pile along with boots for footwear. This was her standard issued uniform. While all of the other officers carried some sort of firearm Samantha, due to her arm, never needed such equipment. She put everything on quickly as if she were expecting to be back on duty.

The sounds of rapid footsteps outside of the room alerted Sam. She took a look at Velincia who didn't explain what the commotion was all about. Upon leaving the room the cadet noticed something was wrong. People appeared to be panicking. She noticed Eric, Xelic and others from her unit attempting to calm people, handing out blankets, non-perishable items and maps.

"Commander I'm pretty sure you expected me to ask this question. What in the hell is going on?" Samantha queried.

"Seems like our little run ins with the scopes caused more trouble than we intended," Shiva explained.

"Scopes?" Sam asked.

"I'll explain later. For now I think you'll be able to help pass out blankets and other things. Go help out where you can," the commander ordered.

Instead of this place being a hospital it looked more like a refugee camp. Without questioning the directive given the cadet immediately began passing out items. She wasn't even sure what was going on. Nobody took the time to explain to her the details of whatever situation that occurred. She didn't need anyone to. The news report of the hologram screen explained everything.

"In other news Prime Minister Yan has declared martial law in the New and Old Apalia provinces of Galileo, Othis and Bovin. On the Western front rebel fighters have seized control of the Eastern Apalian states. The current death toll for operation witness destiny is four and a half million," said the news reporter.

The information chip inside of Sam's cybernetic brain instantly downloaded details into her mind. This explains why nobody bothered explaining anything to her since it would be easier for Sam's body to go through that long process. Her actions along with the actions of her unit enraged the terrorist group known as the "Horrorscopes." She couldn't help but feel somewhat responsible for what was going on. While the NACPD and most of the world didn't blame Captain Shiva and her personnel for what happened all parties involved carried some degree of guilt. 

The End

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