Buffalo, Oklahoma: Home To A Lucky Baby


"They were such a nice family, I don't understand why anyone would do this to them!" A man can be heard talking to a police officer as Lauren and Callie cross over the yellow tape that cuts off the ashes of the house from the rest of the world.

"I can't believe how lucky you are," a paramedic is saying to an unknown person in the ambulance.

"There's a survivor from this?" Lauren asks as she bends down and picks up a charred piece of wood.

"Apparently," Callie is still standing and staring around the debris. "This is a disaster, I wonder what happened."

"A massive explosion finished the house off, but a fire started it." A male voice comes from behind the women and Lauren stands up as Callie turns around. "Now that you know what happened, may I ask you to leave the scene please?"

Callie and Lauren share a quick glance and pull out their fake I.D.s.

"I'm Lorena Smith and this is my partner Gloria Mathers; we're with the NSA, National Security Agency. We're investigating to see if this fire may be a hint of what may occur to other homes in the area." Callie explains.

"Wait," the officer struggles to understand, "you guys think that this may be an attempt at the security of the country?"

"It isn't as serious as you make it sound, just let us do our job." Lauren remarks turning back to her investigation of the charred remains.

"Right," he responds, "well, the home-owners had recently adopted a little girl, Lori, she’s the only survivor."

Callie tilts her head and clears the sweat that the heat from the smoke is causing to fall down her forehead. "She survived and her parents didn't?"

"Yeah, which is a mystery itself; the firefighters found her in a crib surrounded by fire and she was crying," he shakes his head, "poor kid, finally gets adopted and then loses her family."

"How old is she?" Callie asks.

"She's only a year old," the officer answers.

"All right, thanks."


The motel room is an odd theme of purples and blues; sparkling ribbons outline the bathroom doors. The bed covers are a bright shade of purple and the windows are open wide to let the hot sunlight in.

Lauren is pacing from one side of the small room to the other while biting down on a peanut-butter and jam sandwich. Callie sits at the rickety desk that the Buffalo, Oklahoma Hotel Polar offers. "This town doesn't offer much does it?"

Callie barely acknowledges Lauren's comment as she types in several pieces of information that she attained while at the burned house.

"This is interesting," Callie finally says, catching Lauren's attention.

"Do tell." Lauren walks over to the desk and leans on her right arm to catch a glimpse of the laptop screen, her sandwich now completely eaten.

"So this baby that the Williams' adopted."


"It isn't the first time that a family falls in love with her."

"Sneaky little baby, she was cheating on the families?" Lauren smirks and moves her face away from the screen when she sees Callie's face. "What?"

"She didn't cheat Lauren," Callie says matter-of-factly, "All the families that have ever adopted her have only had her for a week before their houses burst into flames; four in total. Somehow this little girl is surviving all of these fires; either she has a guardian angel or this is one evil little baby."

"What ever happened to nice, big, disgusting looking monsters being the cause of all of the havoc around here?"


The End

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