The Truth Series: Section 5: Shrills Of The Night


"Come on sweetie, it's time for bed." Kelly Williams picks up her small child off of the toy strewn wooden floors. As she carefully maneuvering her way towards the pink bedroom, Tyler Williams appears from the kitchen with a bottle of warm milk. 

"Look at her Tyler," Kelly comments once the baby is in her crib, "She's beautiful, everything we could have hoped for."

"Here you go Lori," Tyler smiles down at his daughter as he hands Lori the plastic bottle. "Luck was on our side Kelly."

With one last look at their gurgling daughter, the Williams' turn off the lights and close the door silently.


Gary Trevor is walking Hippy, his golden retriever when a fire ball explodes from a house across the street from where he stands. Hippy whimpers as Gary clears the smoke from his eyes and sees the engulfed house.

"Oh my God," He whispers as the Williams’ household quickly disintegrates into ashes.


The End

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