Slit To Perfection For Revenge


The open window allows the long streams of hot air to enter and blow Callie's hair nearly out of the speeding pickup.

"So, did you figure out what that thing back there was?" Lauren asks as she swerves past a slow Ford ahead of her.

"Yeah, turns out that some urban legends travel overseas."

"There you go again, being cryptic; come on Cal, you have to give me more than that."

"Why are you so impatient big sis?" Callie smirks, "Turns out that that type of ghost originates from Japanese culture."

"What are they called?" Lauren pries.

"Creatively enough, they're called Slit-Mouthed Women. It’s always a woman that is betrayed and murdered. Her rampage always ends when she catches her murderer with her own hands." Callie informs Lauren. "In true fashion, she swallows the person whole and the only thing you can usually find is some leftover blood."

"Oh gnarly, that's gross."

"Yeah, and it’s exactly what happened to our buddy back there."

"Karma I tell you."

"Lauren," Callie asks and continues when Lauren nods. "Do you honestly believe that some of those people that we haven't been able to save deserved what they got?"

Lauren shrugs, "Not all of them, but a lot of them were pretty sketchy."

"Do you think mom and dad would agree with you?"

Another shrug, "We do things our way Cal, we had to teach ourselves."

"I know, but how different can morals be?"

"I guess every hunter has a different moral scale."

"Too bad for the ones who meet a rogue hunter."

The rest of the car ride is silent except for the low tunes of Blink 182 as the girls reflect in their own thoughts.


The End

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