Just Another Typical Night


The night is warm from the summer heat and the streets are empty. The music from the bar is intoxicating the starry sky and Callie pulls out her flashlight.

"Weren't there street lights around here last night?" Callie comments, flashlight tracing every step before she takes it.

"They're still here, the bulbs just popped." Lauren observes.

"How do you know?"

"The glass shards on the ground say it all." Lauren’s feet crunch on the ground as they destroy any evidence of the large shards.

"Touché." Callie answers.

A soft cry echoes in front of them and Callie quickly turns the light towards the invisible tears that an unknown woman is shedding. "Hello?" She calls out, Lauren close behind her, pistol loaded and ready in her grasp.

"This is where it happened," A man's voice can be heard dimly; the stirring of alcohol in his system is evident. "She took her last breath here."

"Think that's our guy?" Callie asks Lauren in a whisper after turning off her flashlight.

"Spot on," Lauren answers while moving quickly towards the man that the voice belongs to.

"If we don't stop him, he'll see our angry spirit and whoever he is with will get the death penalty too." Callie explains, "We need to stop them."

"What if this is all the spirit needs to finally leave here?" Lauren offers.

Callie stares at her sister and a beat of silence passes between them.

"What?" Lauren asks dignified. "It's true isn't it?"

"Either way, our job is to lower the death count, not raise it to end everything."

"Yeah, thanks Mother Theresa."


A woman's high-heels can be heard as they disturb the silence of the night and her voice is low-pitched. "What do you mean? What happened here?"

"This dirty little—" George begins, but after a few seconds silence welcomes the unanswered question and Callie and Lauren walk closer to the new arrivals.

A woman with dark as midnight hair stands with her back to the girls and the look of horror on George's face is illuminated by an eerie glow. The woman with the low voice is a red head who is a few inches taller than the man, and her face signals the early symptoms of a need to faint.

The mysteriously pale woman takes a step closer to the frozen George and her whisper is as low as the wind that carries it back to the girls, "You have come back; I'm not okay."

"I...I...can see that." George stutters.

The woman lifts a hand to her face; that the long dark hair hides from the girls, and makes a silencing sound, "You don't have to speak, you just have to suffer like I did."

"Now Lauren," Callie snaps, pulling out her pistol.

"George, step away from her." Lauren shouts, pointing the pistol at the ghostly figure.

The surprised man looks past the woman and barely utters a word before the apparition moves abnormally quickly towards him. Within seconds she has enclosed her mouth around his head as he screams in pain.

The girls shoot at the creature and they barely acknowledge the woman that has finally fainted on the hard pavement.

"Ma'am, put the scraggly man down," Lauren orders forcing the woman, now holding the silent George up to his shoulders in her mouth, to turn around. "Oh, that's just nasty."

Callie shoots the woman in the head, but barely has a moment to observe the bullet go straight through before her and Lauren are splashed in blood.


"Why do I feel so dirty?" Lauren asks as she sits on the sidewalk, a puddle of blood behind them.

"Well, she's gone," Callie says while wiping a piece of bloody hair off of her arm, "And so is George. Do you think her finally getting him made her blow up?"

"I think so; she was probably full after such a large dinner every night for the past month." Lauren leans back on her hands and stares back behind her. "What a mess."



The End

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