Fish, Chips, And A Whole Lot Of Questions


The fish and chips arrive hot and ready in front of Callie and Lauren eyeballs it over her own food. Her Hamburger sits beside the onion rings on her plate, steam rising, forgotten.

"Eat your lunch," Callie says as she watches her sister's insistent love for her fish and chips, "Before it gets cold."

Lauren mumbles and bites down on her hamburger. Behind Callie a drunken brawl is beginning to break out; a man wearing a trucker hat is yelling insults at a suit wearing law-abider.

"Check it out, boy trouble." Lauren nods her head behind Callie as she stuffs an onion ring into her mouth.

Callie casually stares back and takes in the situation. She winces when she sees the pissed off look that has overcome the faces of the angry men. A bartender passes by and Callie gently grabs at his arm.

His left eyebrow rises in interest as he takes in Callie's appearance and he smiles seductively down at her, his blond curls bouncing off of his interested, bobbing head. "Can I help you miss?"

"Is it always this rowdy in here?"

"Not really," the bartender looks back at the fighting men and shakes his head, "It just started happening about a month ago, before then, this place was always quiet and it was near bankruptcy."

"All right, thanks."

"No problem," he smiles down at Callie, "So, uh, what's your name?"

"Monica Latsworth." Callie smiles brightly up at the bartender.

"Great, nice meeting you Monica, hope to see you around more often." With that he winks and walks off, smiling.

Callie turns around back to Lauren, her smile is now gone. "A month ago; why is that so familiar?"

Lauren nods approvingly while chewing another onion ring, "Very nice Cal; didn't even have to lift a finger."

"Lauren, focus."

"Right, a month ago..." Lauren tilts her head to the side, "Hm, well, didn't those guys start disappearing a month ago?"

"Bingo. I see a connection forming here," Callie says, wiping her hands clean on a napkin. "Where to?"

"I say we ask around in this bar for any ideas of what might be going on."

"Sounds good, I'll ask the guys near the pool table and you get the ones at the bar?" Callie suggests.

"Meet at the door in ten?" Lauren asks, placing twenty-something dollars on the table.

Callie nods and walks towards the inebriated men by the pool table, they notice her before she is close enough to say anything. Their eyes are oddly on her hips as they swing from side to side and their beers are strictly in their hands.

"Hey boys," Callie calls seductively, "I have a few questions, mind answering them?"

"Sure miss, but if you'll excuse us for a moment we need to finish this game." A tall, overweight man with a beard is blinking his beady eyes down at Callie, his eyes dangerously checking out her cleavage.

"Oh, I don't have much time." Callie snaps and ignores the obvious ogle of her breasts. "I'll finish it for you."

"Ha ha, I'm sorry miss, but this is a man's sport," the guy on the opposite side of the table is explaining to Callie.

Callie smiles at the balding, stocky man with a sarcastic grin as she grabs the pool cue from one of the two remaining baffled young men. She leans forward and knocks the number three ball, which bounces off the side of the table perfectly and hits the remaining balls into the pockets of the pool table. "I think the games over now, and I'm not even a man; won't you look at that?"

"How did you—?" The overweight man is baffled and he is no longer staring at Callie's cleavage but at her small face, inches shorter than him.

"Let's call it magic," Callie smiles, "Now, those questions."


Callie watches Lauren walk towards her from the bar, a string of enamored men behind her.

"You know you were supposed to ask questions not make them go gaga over you." Callie jokes.

"Hush child, I did my job."

"So, those guys said that things started getting weird the night that this regular customer, George Greg, appeared here drunk off his rocker, bragging about how he had gotten rid of another no good woman." Callie informs Lauren, "But he hasn't been around since."

"You know what's funny," Lauren asks and continues when Callie shakes her head, "There are barely any women here."

Callie nods slowly, understanding Lauren's meaning, "Like as if the thing is luring men here."

"Exactly, so we not only have one pissed off female spirit that was possibly murdered, but we also have to find this George guy." Lauren concludes.

"Yeah, before more men bite the dust."



The End

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