I'm With The Newspapers. Honestly.


The woman's eyes are red from hidden tears and the baby that sits on her lap is biting a bright blue toy. His red hair gives the impression of fire as it contrasts brightly with his too-pale skin. The red hair, Lauren notes, must be from the baby's father since the mother had dark brown hair and olive skin.

"So you sent him to buy diapers for Max?" Callie asks, a small notepad in her hand. (Their role today is a duo for a newspaper specializing in the missing men of DeRidder).

"Yes," Sarah's voice is quiet as she nervously rocks the baby on one knee, "He was supposed to go get some because we were out of them and Max was having a particularly bad night."

"Did he mention anything odd that might have frightened him about going out at night?" Lauren asks.

"No, but he knew about the missing men."

"Oh, he did? Why was he not afraid then?" Callie questions Sarah, while writing something vague in her notepad.

"Yes, he wasn't afraid because everyone in town knows that the missing men were all drunks."

"And did Hank like to drink?" Lauren suggests quietly.

Sarah looks offended and bounces Max harder on her knee, the toy falling from his mouth. "No," she says just as Max lets out a squeal. "He had one or two beers every once in a while, but he never got drunk like those men at the bar near where he vanished." She grabs the crying Max and puts him up to her shoulder, "Now if you excuse me, I have to feed Max."


"What do you think?" Callie asks Lauren as they enter the old Honda pickup.

"I think she's being honest," Lauren answers, turning the key in the ignition. "We have to check out the place where all of this is happening, but lunch first."

"You and your stomach," Callie smirks, "Okay, how about lunch at the bar that expels men to their deaths?"



The End

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