What We Do For Our Families


The girl is crying; softly weeping and Hank Lupis hates to hear a woman cry. He normally never walks through this section of the town, but Sarah, his wife, needed some extra diapers for Max, their one year-old son.

They had a car, but the week before Sarah had had an accident and thankfully she had been all right, but the car hadn't been as lucky.

The bag of twenty-four diapers in his hand, Hank being the gentleman, walks up to the weeping beauty. Her long black hair appears to be floating in the evening air and her long, thin, pale arms are reaching up to cover her mouth. Soft sobs echo in the night and her eyes are pitch-black in the evening shadows.

"Miss," he asks, without touching her, but trying to reach her emotional state, "Are you okay?"

The woman slowly turns around and Hank is stunned by her beauty. She shakes her head no and slowly withdraws her hands from her mouth. Hank screams as he sees the slit that runs from each side of her mouth up to her ears.

One last scream escapes from Hanks mouth and the shadows show his demise, leaving a pile of blood on the sidewalk.

"I'm not okay," the weeping woman murmurs and she turns once more and continues her sobbing, ignoring the box of twenty-four diapers nearly floating on the puddle of blood.


The End

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