Casual Drinks and Missing Men of Louisiana


"So, what do you like to do for fun?" The guy with too-much hair gel in his chestnut colored hair is moving his eyes from the tip of Lauren's feet to the top of her blond head.

Lauren clicks her long nails against the glass counter of the bar and watches the cocky, too-short guy as he works his 'magic' on her. "I like to hunt down monsters who like to hide in the dark, how about you?" This line is her favorite; nothing like the truth to scare away an annoyance.

Sure enough the too-gelled mess takes a step back, grabs his beer off of the counter, and walks away uneasily.

Callie appears from the washroom and comes up beside Lauren, catching a quick glimpse of the dejected man.

"Used the same line again, huh?" She asks her sister after asking for a beer; fake ID in hand.

"You know me too well little sis." Lauren smirks, "These guys are all jokes; they always think that I'll jump at the chance of being with them."

"Guess the skirt and pumps won't help you much in that department." Callie comments, beer close to her mouth and her eyes staring at the inches of bare legs that Lauren is exhibiting.

"Ha-ha," Lauren says sarcastically at her sister, "Better than jeans."

Callie sticks out her tongue and stands up off of the stool she had sat on. "This isn't so bad." She comments as she slides her right hand down her leg and slaps her bum.

"Yeah baby!" A guy nearby hoots at her.

"Okay, fine, truce." Lauren says with a smile, "I forgot that you learn new things from me every so often."

"Some truce," Callie comments, "Yes great sister of mine, I guess I do."

Lauren finishes her Heineken and holds herself steady by placing her now free hands on the space that is left on the stool that she is sitting on. "So, what's up with this week?"

"Right," Callie says after taking a swig, "Someone or something has been making people disappear in DeRidder, Louisiana."

"Any hints as to what it might be?" Lauren asks.

"No idea, but some people have witnessed a woman crying on the road before any of the men have disappeared."

"All the people were men?" Lauren places one elbow on the table, revealing a shiny long, thin scar. "Could it be a white lady?"

"Who knows, maybe. We'll have to check it out to know." Callie finishes her Stella and pulls out a twenty and sets it on the counter. "We've got work to do."


The End

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