The Truth Series: Section 4: She's Not Okay


Peter Undercare walks down the solemn streets of his old Louisiana town. He is on a decent road to fully being intoxicated and his hands are stuffed in his jean pockets as he pretends to be sober. His scruffy hair is stuck with sweat onto his forehead and his beard appears itchy and uncontrolled on his wide face. He smells roughly of whiskey and vodka, and his feet drag as he tries to walk his way home.

The night is dark, but it is disturbed every so often by lingering street lights and shadows of deserted cats and dogs. Peter hiccups and barely hears the almost inaudible sob of a woman up ahead. As he nears he sees that she is covering her mouth and sparkling tears are running down her face.

She is oriental pale and her long black hair curls near her waist, well, Peter observes, she ain't from around here

Her long, slender arms are raised up to where her hands cover her mouth, she is in the shadows, but even from here Peter can see that she is abnormally white. 

He reaches her and places a hand on her shoulder, "Miss," he drawls in his drunken accent, "you okay?"

The woman stops weeping suddenly and she shakes her head. As Peter watches, the silent beautiful woman turns around to face him and her hands move an inch from her mouth.

On the side of the building beside them, a shadow is seen as it overtakes the smaller one belonging to Peter, a scream is let loose, and a bloody mess is left on the ground where Peter once stood.


The End

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