The Old Highway Blues


A very thankful Ms. Gibson gives both Lauren and Callie hugs as she promises them a permanent invitation for dinner whenever they are in town. Her hands are bandaged from the flying mug and several stitches have been placed on her legs and face.

"What are you going to tell the police?" Callie asks, as she casually glances over at Lauren.

"That some cat sneaked into my house and if it weren't for you two, I would have been scratched to death!" Ms. Gibson answers.


Lauren and Callie drive quietly down the dusty roads of Kingston, heading straight towards the major intersection when Callie suddenly looks over at her sister.

"Does it hurt a lot?" She asks, referring to Lauren's jaw.

"Not too much. I gave you too much credit for your punches back there." Lauren answers with a smirk.

"I'm sorry, it's just the idea that they could be alive and somewhere out there makes me mad."

"I thought you were happy that they could be alive." Lauren comments.

"Yeah, I would be, but I would be angrier because of them abandoning us in a world like this one." Callie explains, "How do you think we would be now if we weren't without parents?"

"We'd probably be the same." Lauren notes, "Only, without the freedom; mom and dad would be down our throats all the time."

"True," Callie agrees, "I guess it isn't so bad traveling with my big sister."

"I'm sorry, did anyone ever debate otherwise?"Lauren appears intrigued while she stares diligently at the road.

"No, no one did Lauren."

"Good," Lauren smiles while turning up the volume on the radio as it plays some modern song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, "’cause it isn’t going to change!"

Callie laughs and sings along as the old beat up truck races down the highway; going as fast as any modern car.


The End

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