Invisible Secrets In Kingston, NY


Callie disconnects her call on her cell phone and looks back at Lauren, who is lying on her back on the worn bed covers of the Blake Motel.

"Do you remember when they called to tell us that mom and dad where dead?" Callie asks, curiosity in her voice.

"Yeah, why'd you ask?"

"Did you ever see their bodies?" Callie asks, fully turning to face her sister, who is lying with her eyes closed and a small smile on her face. That smile is instantly washed away by the question.

"Come to think of it, no." Her eyes are still shut, but the thin lid that covers them is strained as she looks around in her memory. "But, the guy who told us, Gary Leo, he seemed pretty genuine."

"That's true." Callie remains seated on the bed, unmoving, and Lauren opens her eyes and turns to lean on one of her elbows.

"You make me nervous when you get like that, tell me what's going on." Lauren instructs. Her blond hair is in a high ponytail as always and her blue eyes are sending lightning sparks at Callie.

Callie pushes a strand of brown hair behind her ear and she whispers, "What if mom and dad aren't dead?"

A groan escapes Lauren's mouth as she lets herself fall back onto the overly noisy mattress and she murmurs up to the ceiling, "We've all ready been through this Callie, remember?"

"Yes I know, but I may have proof this time."                                                          

Lauren suddenly launches herself off of the bed and around the room until she is facing Callie, "Yeah, but as I recall you had proof back when we were still in Canada. Your proof took us from Ontario to British Columbia, then to Quebec... even Australia. Mom and dad are dead, why can't you just live and let die?"

Callie is suddenly up and she punches her sister in the jaw. Lauren falls to the ground and steadies herself against the gray couch that is placed below the window of the room. She turns and is about to hit Callie back, but she pauses on the floor, using her free hand to feel her jaw.

"Damn," Lauren announces after a few explosive seconds of self-control, "you've got a strong arm Cal."

Callie stares down at her sister angrily and talks quietly, her voice threatening, "Until we know for sure, nothing can be ruled out. You can believe all you want that mom and dad are dead, but I won't give up. You say anything, anything like that to me again and a sore jaw won't be all that you get from me." She walks away angrily and slams the bathroom door behind her.

"At least tell me what's going on for us this week!" Lauren calls at the closed door with chipped edges.


Lauren is driving the truck and every so often passes a glance over at her silent sister; the anger is still etched on Callie's forehead as she reads the news article on her laptop.

"You're not still mad at me, are you Cal?" Lauren asks, breaking the icy silence.



"—just drop it Lauren, we have important things to do."

Lauren closes her mouth and her silence signals Callie to continue.

"Sixteen year-old Emily Gibson, fell from her two storey room to her death outside of her home in Kingston, the town not the city, New York." Callie reads off of the Kingston Press.

"That's an easy one," Lauren shrugs, "The kid decided to end her life. You know suicide is one of the world's biggest killers?"

"Yeah, suicides are usually consenting," Callie looks over at her sister and raises an eyebrow, "but Emily screamed before she took the leap of faith."

"That's bizarre."

"Yeah and here's the kicker," Callie continues turning back to her computer screen, "All signs lead to a heart attack just before she hit the ground."

"So she was dead before she became best friends with the pavement?"

"Yeah, exactly. Almost, frightened to death, but no one was with her in the room, everyone in the house was in the family room watching TV."

Lauren whistles a long low tune to add effect to Callie's words.

"But yeah, needless to say, we need to head over to Kingston and investigate before anyone else gets hurt."

Lauren nods and drives past a sign that indicates that New York State is still a good two day's drive away.

"I wonder what you saw Emily." She murmurs to herself.



The End

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