A Sunny Moment


"I think I'm done with water for a while after this one," Lauren promises, as she itches at the stitches on her legs.

"Stop touching that," Callie scolds, "This Park isn't so bad when you know there aren't any gross things in the pond."

The sun is finally on Sunshine Park once more and the night's struggles are forgotten.

Callie drinks from her Dr. Pepper can and asks without looking at her sister, "I'm sorry for bringing up dad yesterday."

"He isn't taboo, we can talk about him."

"I know, but I also know how sensitive the topic is."

"Hey, just cause we're girls doesn't mean we have to cry at the mention of dad or mom and wipe each others' tears away." Lauren says casually.

"You always ruin the moment." Callie says lightly.

"I've always been more of an action movie kind of girl; never was too into chick-flicks." Lauren explains.

"True enough," Callie concludes.

Giving one last look at sunny Sunshine Park, the girls walk towards their old pickup.

"I wonder where to next?" Lauren asks her sister over her shoulder.

"Who knows?" Callie answers.



The End

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