Let's Take a Midnight Dip


Sunshine Park is oddly eerie at night, when no said sunshine reaches the long fields of grass. The moonlight somehow misses this part of town.

Lauren parks the old Honda pickup near the entrance and jumps down from the worn seat. Callie follows and they both argue about what weapon to take as they look over their collection in the bed of the truck. Their collection of weapons is strapped into several belts and trunks that are screwed onto the metal of the truck bed.

"I say the Winchester pistol will help us out," Lauren is insisting.

"No Lauren, let's take the flare gun and a straight edged knife." Callie argues back.

Lauren is about to retort when a scream breaks through the dark sky of Sunshine Park. Grabbing their desired weapons, the girls run towards the sound, flashlights in hand.

"Hello?" Lauren shouts loudly, her voice solemn in the emptiness of the night.

"Please," a woman is yelling, "Please help us!"

"You keep watch, I'll find them." Callie informs her sister.

"Hey Cal," Callie pauses and looks back at Lauren, "Be careful."

"When am I not?" Callie answers with a smirk in her voice and runs off into the darkness.

Finding the woman is simple, but seeing her situation? No so much.

"Ma'am, you need to let go of him." Callie informs the crying woman.

"Let go? I can't! He's my brother, I can't let him go!

"I'm sorry, I really am, but he's dead." Callie sadly informs the woman that tightly holds onto a bloody man.

"No he isn't, he's still alive." The woman surprises Callie.


"He's still breathing!"

Callie bends down and feels the bloody man's pulse under her fingers. "Okay, I'll help you, but we need to leave now." Callie grabs the man by his armpits and begins to pull, with the woman beside her. "Where are the things that attacked you?"

"There's only one," she announces quickly, her voice ragged.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, or else I wouldn't be here... they would have taken us both..."

Callie agrees with the woman as she finally reaches her truck. Sitting the unconscious man beside her truck's tire she stares up at the woman. Her eyes are green, Callie notes, and they are rimmed with tears and blood covers her arms. 

"What's your name?" Callie asks.

"Sarah Tryst."

"Okay Sarah, I want you to take your brother to the hospital; did you drive here?"

Sarah nods.

"Okay, you need to hurry!" Callie instructs before running back into the depths of the darkness.

"Thank you!" Sarah manages one last yell before she begins the process of moving her brother to her car.

Callie is running towards the pond, nearly blind, "Lauren?" she shouts, hoping that her sister is safe and still searching.

"Callie! Over here, oh God, hurry!" Lauren's voice comes from the other side of the pond and Callie can hear a struggle occurring. "Let me go you slimy disgusting—"

Her screams and protests are swallowed by the darkness and Callie reaches the other side of the pond and shines the flashlight on her sister. Lauren is covered in water and her leg is bloody as a green hand pulls on it. Raising the light towards the hand a small impish creature only described as a Kappa, appears. It hisses at Callie and tries to pull Lauren further in.

"Are you waiting for a green light or something?" Lauren screams at Callie who is taking her aim.

"Patience is a virtue sister of mine!"

"Whatever, just shoot the thing!"

A bright light explodes from the flare gun and hits the Kappa squarely in the chest, making it evaporate almost instantly, leaving only ashes behind.


The End

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