The Water is Deep With Memories



"That kid was lucky," Lauren comments as she watches Scott and his mother reunite, her with tears in her eyes, him pleading her to please stop.

"Yeah he is and if we don't find the thing that is doing this others won't be as lucky." Callie comments, ignoring the reunion behind her while watching the pond, wishing that it would tell her its secrets. "We need to know what it is."

"Let's go Sherlock, maybe the police have found the bodies."


"Any luck?" Lauren asks with Callie following up behind her.

"None ma'am, what did you all call yourselves again?" The police officer has a tomato red neck and a spot of baldness in the center of his oddly shaped head.

"I'm Rosie De La Cruz and this is my partner, Juliet O'Donnelle, we're with the State police." Callie answers for Lauren as she spots several police officers gathering around something on the grass near the pond. "I think they found something, err," She looks at the tomato-necked officer’s name tag, "Officer Grinslow."

"I think they did," he gives the girls one last look-over and starts walking towards the crowd. "What did you guys find?"

A twig sized man pushes past Lauren and vomits in the long grasses off of the pond's edge. "That's mildly unattractive." Lauren comments and Callie nudges her hard on the back. Ow, Lauren mouths.

"Excuse me," Callie pushes through the officers until her suspicions are confirmed. "Found you."

"You know, some people find it slightly deranged when others speak to savagely mutilated corpses." Lauren comments dryly, out of the other officers' earshot.

"Others find it slightly disturbing that you find a widowed heir so enchanting; a day after the death of the said girlfriend." Callie comments back and bends down on one knee beside the corpse.

"Multiple bite marks to the arms and legs; do these look familiar to you?" Lauren asks her sister, holding the remaining pieces of an arm in her gloved hand.

"I think so," Callie pulls out a cell phone and points it at one of the many bites.

"Hey! No pictures!" A heavy officer from behind them warns, Callie and Lauren both look back at him and give a stern look together, "I mean it ladies."

Lauren turns back to Callie and whispers, "Don't worry, I got this."

Callie stares at her sister as she wiggles her bum over to the large policeman and watches, not too surprised as her sister begins a string of flirtations, "You know, I always did love a man in uniform."

Callie holds back a snicker as she sees the officer blush brightly before taking the needed picture.


"I can't believe I had to flirt with that... thing." Lauren pretends to clean something dirty off of her arms.

"The sacrifices we have to make in this career." Callie notes, smiling.

"Enough about sweaty old policemen, how'd the pictures turn out?"

"I'm uploading them now," Callie says as she connects her cell-phone to her laptop. "Give me a few minutes to connect them to some of the aquatic supernatural creepy crawlers."

"What you asked me today," Lauren begins and Callie makes a noise stating that she is listening, "about dad, honestly, I don't know if he would be proud. Him and mom, they did this their whole life and they died at the hands of this."

Callie pauses and without turning from her laptop she asks, "Do you remember our friend Jenny? The one that used to always keep us company when mom and dad were away?"


"She died protecting mom and dad's secret, her parents were like ours and she had been there with them."

"I know," Lauren answers.

"Yeah, but doesn't it seem odd that someone else had to be with our parents when they died? Not us?"

"They were trying to protect us."

"But," Callie turns around in the wooden seat that the Olsden Motel has offered its guests, "was it really worth having someone else die to protect a secret that would be eventually revealed?"

Silence fills the room and Lauren looks away from Callie's questioning stare, "Did you find anything yet?"

"Yes," Callie says finally, giving up on the subject. "It's as we thought."

"A Kappa?"

"Yeah, the same slimy thing that drags their victims in from the shores of ponds for a light meal that mom and dad encountered ten years ago." Callie remembers, "The pictures aren't very appealing, but it would explain the bites, the yellow eyes, and hand that Scott saw."

"Well then, I guess we have to go hunting tonight, they only become weak during the night time when they leave the pond for a walk." Lauren explains.

"Couldn't have said it better myself." Callie agrees before closing her laptop.


The End

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