Best Part of Fishing is the Relaxation


Somehow, Scott is able to elude the police as he runs towards the third pond of the park, nearest to his house. A small homemade fishing pole is swinging off of his shoulder and a small bucket of worms swings in his other hand.

His sandy hair sits in multiple cowlicks on his round head and his freckles are witnesses to the amount of UV rays he has come in contact with.

He finds the perfect spot on a large rock off of the side of the pond and sits there, positioning himself for a good, long day of fishing. Scott is only thirteen, but he never has had many friends and fishing had always been his solace, but since his dad had left him and his mom days before, he had no one to go fishing with anymore. He simply couldn't take his mother's crying much longer.

This is the first time the Scott ever thought of fishing at the pond, but then again, there had to be fish in order to make it appear real and cozy for the visitors of the park. He knows about the lady who disappeared with her dog a few days before, but that was in a different pond and the police hadn't reached this one yet.

He casts his line and sits patiently. Waiting is the most relaxing moment of fishing. A set of yellow balls pop up in the center of the pond and Scott rubs his eyes, unable to believe what he is seeing.

Oddly enough, these objects are not free-floating balls, but eyes that are now moving closer to him. Suddenly, from down below, something grabs at his fishing hook and gives a heavy tug. If he had not let the fishing pole go he would have fallen God knows how deep in the water. Then something slimy appears from the shore of the Pond and he gives a screech so loud that several birds in surrounding trees fly off in fear.

Whatever has appeared is clinging onto his leg and is digging its nails in.

Suddenly, from behind him, two female voices echo in the loneliness of this part of the park and Scott cries in desperation, "Please help me!"

A gunshot resounds in the lonely daylight and one of the women gasps, "Oh my—"

"—come on Callie," the blond girl is saying to the brunette as she pulls on Scott's shirt.

When they are safe and away from the water's edge, the brunette looks down at Scott, her blue eyes are blazing with questions, "Do you know what grabbed you?"

"No," Scott answers, frightened.

"Is this your first time—" the blond looks at the bait bucket and back at Scott, her blue eyes match the brunette, but her lips are slightly fuller, "—fishing out here?"

"Yeah," Scott begins and starts to whimper, "I'm not in trouble am I?"

"No kid," the blond answers, "you're alive."



The End

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