Pistols of Judgment


The place is crawling with police when Callie and Lauren finally reach Sunshine Park, home of the three mystical ponds.

Lauren snorts at the irony and Callie grabs several badges from a tin case that is hidden in the glove compartment of the truck.

"What are we this time?" Lauren asks, eying the situation out on the sunny stretch of land.

"State police?" Callie shrugs.

"Sounds good to me," Lauren says and accepts the I.D. that Callie holds up to her.

They both walk around the truck to the large compartment in the back and dig out two guns, small pistols that have initials engraved in curly letters. "Dad would not have approved of us keeping these." Callie notes.

"If he ever appears at our front steps, we'll explain to him how pretty they were." Lauren comments back.

Callie looks at her sister and nearly has to close her eyes against the sun, "Do you think he would be proud of us?"

"Maybe, maybe not," Lauren loads the pistols and hands one to her sister. "The point is, he isn't here to judge us and we do what we know best, now let’s go find those bodies."



The End

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