The Truth Must Get Wet in Miami


Lauren stares at the body building lifeguard sipping a cool latte by the counter by himself.

"What are the chances that he will ask me for my number?" Lauren asks Callie as she sips on her Coke.

Callie snorts and gives her sister a wide-eyed innocent look, "Oh I don't know great sister of mine, how will you do it?"

"Watch and learn lil sis," Lauren says with one enthusiastic sweep of her hand and she is off, walking while shaking her hips from side to side.

Callie laughs and watches the lifeguard ogle Lauren like most men do and applauds her when she comes back with a big, victorious smile on her face. "That's the Lauren we know and love!"

"I am the Champion," Lauren says slowly, emphasizing the word Champion. "So, what's up for us? Anything new?"

"Well, some guy ran in front of a train for no reason in New York and survived," Lauren nods her head and signals for Callie to continue. "A dog finds a finger in the rose garden and it’s still twitching."

"Ew." Lauren says sipping her drink.

"I know, this world I tell you," Callie laughs at her sister's reaction. "And finally, a woman and her dog disappear while on a picnic date with Miami's most powerful business heir."

"That sounds interesting," Lauren raises her eyebrows and smiles seductively, lost in her own world.

"Ugh, Lauren, gross—the guy just lost his girlfriend of a year."

"Yeah and his dog too, apparently."

"You're odd." Callie states matter-of-factly with a grimace.

"So I've been told," Lauren smiles back at her sister, "Now, what is this about? Do the police have any clues? Maybe he axed her."

"No, his alibi is that he was sitting on the sheet that they had laid out and she was playing catch with the dog near the pond."

"Wait, a pond?" Lauren places both arms on the coffee table and stares at Callie. "Maybe she just drowned?"

"True, but that's flawed too. If she would have begun to drown the dog would probably have saved her, but that raises another question: what happened to the dog?"

"Did they find any bodies?" Lauren asks, uncertain.

"Nope, as far as I have read, they swept the whole bottom and nothing."

"That's odd, but ponds are artificial, what if the bodies were swept through some of the drainage tubes?" Lauren theorizes.

"They were thinking about that, that's why they are going to scan all three ponds." Callie comments and Lauren hits her forearm. "Ow, what's that for?"

"There is more than one pond?" Lauren says eagerly.

"Yeah, three interconnecting ones," Callie answers rubbing her arm, “You are not normal.”

"I know,” Lauren smiles, “have there been any other disappearances?"

"Within the last ten years there have been twenty; two every year."

"Wow," Lauren finally calms down, "the place must be deserted."

"Yeah, must be."

"That's perfect!" Lauren nearly yells.

"Whoa, calm down; why?"

"We can investigate without getting any dogs dry humping our legs."

"Of course you would think of that." Callie says rolling her eyes as she closes her laptop. "Well, better give hunk boy over there a goodbye smooch since we're headed to Miami, Florida."




The End

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