The Truth Series: Section 2: Let's Go For a Swim


Georgia smiles at her boyfriend who sits on the blanket in the sun. They are on a picnic to celebrate their one year anniversary of being together. Her dog, Rufus, barks expectantly as Georgia holds the bright yellow tennis ball.

"Don't be such a tease," Michael, her boyfriend, insists while laughing, "Throw Rufus the ball!"

Georgia laughs too and looks down at her Golden Retriever, a birthmark covers the dogs left eye, giving it an appearance of a white eye patch."Are you ready for mama's heavy pitch?"

Rufus barks enthusiastically.

"Are you sure that he's allowed here? I mean we're the only ones in the park and it's kind of creepy." She yells back at Michael.

"You're being paranoid again sweet heart." Michael murmurs and continues to read a newspaper that he had picked up on the way to the park. He is twenty-four and he needs to keep up with the business section since his father expects so much of him.

Georgia shrugs and reaches as far back as she can and throws the ball with a soft ugh. The ball flies far and before Georgia can be proud of her throw it lands in the large pond that lies in the center of the park.

Before she can stop him, Rufus runs to get the ball from the water.

Georgia laughs and turns to look at Michael, "See why you should be throwing? I did horribly!"

Michael simply smirks without looking up and Georgia rolls her eyes.

Minutes pass and Rufus isn't back yet and Georgia is becoming worried. How hard could it be to get a floating ball from the water?

"I'll be right back," she tells her boyfriend and starts to head down, not waiting for a reply."Rufus?"

She finally reaches the edge of the pond and calls for her dog once more.

Michael is the only one to hear as Georgia lets out a scream before disappearing.

"Georgia?" He calls for her, "Georgia?!"

In the middle of the pond a bright yellow tennis ball is floating, nothing more.


The End

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