The Perfect Lure


Callie and Lauren carry the bucket of chicken blood down the now abandoned lawn of the previous night’s kidnapping. The lights are all off and the night is oddly quiet, save for the footsteps of the two women as they try not to trip.

"This was your brilliant idea?" Lauren asks Callie.

"And your idea of using Kyle as bait was any better? At least this way no one gets hurt." Callie retorts.

"Yes, maybe, except for us."

Callie ignores her sister and continues walking in deeper into the woods, the path quickly disappearing behind them.

"Okay, do you at least have the rifle?" Lauren asks, finally placing down the bucket where Callie deemed far enough."Cause without it, this is all meaningless."

"Yes Lauren, it's obvious that I have it." Callie lifts the rifle in one hand.

Lauren smirks, "That's my lil Cal."

"You seriously need to stop calling me that," Callie looks at her sister, "Or else this monster isn't the only thing getting a bullet tonight."

"You need to lighten up," Lauren says, "Now what do we do with the blood?"

"Right," Callie looks annoyed, but begins the process of her plan, "We have to pour it in front of us so we can see it as it comes."

"What about Carol?"

"If I am right," Callie says in a voice that challenges Lauren to think otherwise, "then she is still alive and near here."

The process is strenuous, but they both lift up the bucket and pour the blood on the foliage covered ground.

"Now what?" Lauren asks.

"We wait."

Sure enough, perhaps ten minutes after the blood was spilt a distinct guttural sound washes over the trees, including the shaking of leaves that is unexplainable since there is no wind.

It is as if the night is dead.

Then it appears; a large mass of fur and the stench is intoxicating. Lauren covers her nose and mouth and motions for Callie to shoot. Lifting the rifle easily Callie, eyes watering from the stench, aims the heavy rifle towards the head of the Lofa. It gives a loud roar and begins to charge. The heavy echoes of its movements are overcome by the much louder shot of the rifle. The Lofa’s head is nearly gone and the night is silent once more, only this is time it is occasionally inhabited by the sounds of birds and crickets.

And the sound of a woman screaming.

"I'll stay with the Lofa here, you get Carol!" Lauren demands of Callie.

"What if there are others? You know they do anything to come get the bodies of their dead." Callie protests.

"I know, but your priority is the girl!"

Callie hesitates for another second and nods.

Minutes later she is back with a crying Carol and no other Lofas have appeared.

"I think this is the last one in this area." Lauren murmurs.

"Are you sure?" Callie asks, her back is heavy with Carol's arm.

"Yes, you go and wake her family up. Call for a paramedic," Lauren adds looking at Carol's bloody face. "I will stay here and burn the body."


"—I swear Callie if you hesitate any longer—"

"—okay, I got it."

Lauren begins a simple fire to destroy the body as Callie brings Carol to her grief stricken family.


The End

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