The Monster Revealed


"Don't worry, you just tell us what you know," Callie says to the young boy who sits nervously on the front steps of the house. "Let's start simple, what's your name?"

"I'm Kyle," he answers, his voice low.

Callie and Lauren exchange looks from each side of Kyle.

"Okay Kyle, please tell us all you know about this urban legend." Lauren asks calmly.

"I read once in a library book about some legends that originated on the land that this county is on," he begins, "Centuries ago there was an Indian tribe called the Chickasaw. These Indians were haunted by a monster that looked a lot like a present day big foot. The book I read talked about really bad smells that could kill you if you were too close to it. Also, they were known as flesh eating monsters that killed the men of the villages and kidnapped the women to mate with."

"Kyle," Lauren stares in awe, "I'm sorry, how old are you?"

"I'm eleven, why?"

"Yes Lauren, why does it matter?" Callie asks Lauren.

"What? I was curious, you know a lot for being so young!"

Lauren becomes quiet when Callie casts a meaningful glance towards her and they both look down at Kyle. "Thank you Kyle, you've been very helpful." Callie says and they both get up and start walking back towards their Honda pickup, leaving Kyle quiet on the stairs.

"What do you think?" Lauren asks Callie as they enter their car.

"I think that I may know what this thing is and where it is hiding."

"Please Oracle, enlighten me."

"I'll tell you at the motel."


"Want to get some food?" Lauren asks Callie as they enter the motel room. "I think we need to refuel."

"Not yet Lauren," Callie begins as she pulls out her laptop and begins typing. "I think I have an idea of what this thing could be, at least, according to the myth that Kyle told us about."

"Want to fill me in?" Lauren asks, and she places one hand on the back of the chair that Callie has occupied.

"There," Callie stops typing and looks up at Lauren. "If this is what I think it is, it won't be hard to kill, but it is a nasty nuisance. Also, if it is this, then Carol is probably still alive."

"Please, I'm itching to know!" Lauren sighs sarcastically.

"I think it's a Lofa," Callie says quietly.

"It would make sense; we are in the appropriate location with enough land for it to hide."

"Yes and you said that that officer said that most deaths occurred where there was grass and the people all disappeared, no bodies have been recovered."

"You think that it has been munching on the locals?" Lauren asks as she makes a face in disgust.


"The woods." Lauren says suddenly, inspiration hitting her.

"The what?"

"I saw a path leading into deeper woods by Carol's house, could it be in there?"

Callie appears excited, "Most likely!"

"Great, all we need is to draw it out."

"And I know exactly how to do it." Callie says, a plan all ready forming in her head.


The End

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