Deeper Into the County


Callie is suddenly awake thanks to Lauren's habit of blasting music as soon as she is awake, despite it being still close to midnight.

Callie wipes her eyes and looks over at her sister as she is brushing her teeth, looking at some news on the laptop that sits on the desk that comes in the motel room."What's wrong?" She asks.

"There's been another one," Lauren turns back to Callie, foam around her mouth. "This time in the suburbs of the county, a girl of eighteen; Carol Jordan."

Callie is up within seconds and is dressing out of her pajamas, making sure that her knife that had belonged to her father is in her jean’s pocket. "When did it happen?"

"A few hours ago. I was sleeping and the police radio woke me up, I just rechecked on the internet and it's the real thing." Lauren confirms and she heads off into the bathroom to wash out her mouth.


Ten minutes later the two sisters are in the old Honda pickup and are racing down the gravel that covers the road near the Shellbrooke Motel that they were occupying.

Police sirens can be heard across the county and bright red and blue lights illuminate the dark, star strewn sky. Yellow tape is placed around a decent sized house and there are officers all around searching the grounds for any evidence. A family of three is talking to a tall red headed police officer and the older woman is crying.

Callie is out first, fake badge all ready in hand and Lauren follows closely behind her. "Good evening officers," she says and ignores the several looks that some of the male officers are giving her and her sister; this is nothing new to Callie. "I understand that there has been a kidnapping/ possible murder out here?"

One particular officer, a blue eyed, blond average Joe turns fully to Callie and Lauren and asks in a strict voice, "This isn't a Nancy Drew mystery girls; do you have any identification?"

Callie and Lauren share a glance and pull out their badges, "We’re federal agents. My partner here," Callie points to Lauren, "Is Michelle Jonts and I'm Paula Fay, now if you excuse us, we have an investigation to begin."

The officers grudgingly let the two girls in and step back into their previous duties of keeping watch.

"I don't know what happened," the older man in the family was saying, "She came home late from a date and her mother and I grounded her with chores. She was out putting the garbage away and then there was a scream and when we went out, that patch on the grass was the only thing we could find."

"Where's the patch?" Lauren asks Callie.

"Over there, where that evidence tag is." Callie answers.

"Okay, I'll check that out and you go talk to the family, I think that there is something that they are hiding."

"On it."

The sisters split up and Lauren walks over to the patch.

"Pretty gruesome, huh?" A police officer asks Lauren, his ebony skin is covered in sweat from the summer heat. "To think that there is something out there grabbing our locals and all they leave behind is a patch of blood."

"I'm sorry?" Lauren asks, looking up from her squatting position.

"You guys are really falling behind on this investigation, huh? Why'd they send you anyway?"

"Does it pertain to the case in question?"

"Well, no..."

"Exactly, now that we're done getting to know each other, mind repeating what you just said about the patches of blood?"

The police officer looks irked and he points to a certain point on the patch of bloody grass, "With every disappearance there has been a leftover patch of blood on the grass."

"Meaning that even if the people were from the more busy areas of the county, they all died on grassy land?"

"Well, yes."

"Thanks," Lauren looks up and reads the name tag, "Mr. O'Kief."

Lauren begins walking back to her sister and she tries to examine the surrounding area. There are a lot of trees by the neighbor's place and a path that leads into deeper woods.

"Listen ma'am, I'm sorry for your loss," Callie is trying to catch the now whimpering woman's attention, "But I need to ask you something very important."

The lady manages to nod and Callie looks at her reassuringly.

"Are there any urban myths around here?" Callie asks slowly.

"I'm sorry?" The woman appears angry and insulted, "What does this have to do with—"

"—I know one." The little boy speaks out, he had been quiet during the exchange and Callie is a bit surprised to hear from him. "Do you think it has anything to do with my sister?"

Callie looks up apologetically at the parents and answers, "Maybe."

"Will you come with us over here please? We have some questions to ask you." Lauren appears and leads the young boy down the lawn to the front of the house.


The End

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