The Darkness Hides Everything

 "This is just perfect," Carol Stockley groans under the weight of the garbage bags in her hands. 

She has to bring out the garbage for the whole week and the smell makes her nearly faint with disgust. It isn't her fault that Joey, her boyfriend, had driven her home late, and it definitely wasn't fair that her parents had grounded her. Joey had been the perfect gentleman, not once had he tried to touch her or kiss her inappropriately. Carol knows she has found the perfect man for her. God may forgive her for being only eighteen, but love is love.

A rustling in the trees by her neighbor's house makes her stop short. A stench greater than the one that the garbage is emitting wafts over her. Carol drops the garbage on the ground so she can cover her nose from the nauseating smell and her eyes widen when she sees something coming towards her. The bags rip, sending banana peels and egg shells onto the ground. Left over food from dinner crunches under her feet as she turns and runs towards her house.

She trips and falls on the grassy lawn, her knees burning. She lets out a yelp from the pain, her heart racing with terror. Her hands are aching as she turns onto her back, preparing to stand back up, but is stopped by the grisly sight in front of her.

The smell she'd scented earlier paralyzes Carol on the lawn as a hairy figure stands tall and fierce above her. It reaches down and grips her forearms before hoisting her onto its back. Carol screams until her throat becomes so hoarse that nothing more comes out.


The End

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