The Truth Series: Section 1: The Flesh Eating Wonder

Two sisters fight the things that we don't see in the dark, unknown to the world. Everyday we may count as a survivable day since we never truly know what may be out there. Lauren and Callie Jones are on a mission, and your life may land in their hands. You're not afraid are you?

 The night is dark and Bobby Clinton, the little boy who always stays up late, is playing with a few collectible toy cars that once belonged to his grandfather.

Summer is warm and the slight breeze drifts in through the open window to the left of his bed, sending the bright blue curtains in a disarray of cloths.

"I will beat you!" Bobby is whispering as he races one car with another, his challenging words followed with varying sounds of what he believes a real race car would sound like. "Ew," he says suddenly as a smell burns his nose, making him feel slightly light-headed.

Lifting himself off the purple carpeted floor, he walks slowly and quietly (so as to not give any signs to his mother and father that he is still awake) towards the fluttering curtains. After struggling for a moment, the small boy finally pulls down the heavy window pane and the smell disappears instantly.

He can see his dog Ollie barking incessantly outside at something beyond Bobby's line of vision in the darkness of the woods behind his house. Bobby's father, Jonathan, appears suddenly beside Ollie and his shotgun is cocked at his side. If he could hear his father speaking, Bobby would be able to hear his father asking Ollie what is out there.

Bobby spots something grotesque and large emerging from the cluster of trees, and judging from the reaction of Ollie and his father, it is clear that they have seen it as well. Jonathan shoots and misses in his fear and panic.

Bobby screams as Ollie runs away from the unknown predator and Jonathan is seized by its powerful hands. Bobby watches through his screams of terror as the thing breaks his father’s neck and drags him back into the forest.


The End

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