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So this is a spin off for the get even series that I was working on so long ago. This story centers around there characters; Velincia Shiva, Eric Gognish and Octavius Brunson. The story takes place in the future year of 2045. By now, the politics of the united states has changed. Most of the countries around the world that exist today still exists then with some minor exceptions. Amens or augmentors are a new type of weapon that most characters in this story are. They augment themselves with mac

Gas stations were the life bread of many neighborhoods. While many claimed that these establishments catered to alcoholics and drug dealers without these places fossil fuels and convenience stores would be in much more demand. While it was generally understood that sometimes certain dwellings drew out the worst of society's leftovers the criticism was none less the stronger for a gas joint. In the effort to live up to the theme an assortment of people, mostly the homeless and drug addicts, littered the front of the business like a club for the rejected. The smell was that of a mixture of musty arm pits, cigarette smoke, vomit and, oddly, car fresheners.

"Hey man, got that new twenty inch rim for ya. Twenty dollars! That's a dollar per inch! Can't beat that! Whatcha say man?"That was the pitch given to the person approaching the gas station. A strange look was given to the street salesman. These sort of people always gave the unsuspecting bystander the talk and promise of getting a great deal. Many people didn't fall for this. At the same time many people were suckered into buying something from these kinds of people.

First, the salesman wasn't a salesman at all or at least not by generally accepted appearances. A random basketball jersey, new sneakers, blue jean pants and a red and black striped baseball cap didn't bear any resemblance of someone a person would buy a sports utility vehicle from. Assortment of tire rims were sprawled out across the ground by the front glass door.

Nobody was pumping gas. Instead, figures in black were selling all kinds of substances and even selling females for the pleasure of others. This was the New York that the media ignored a lot. As long as these kinds of people didn't bother the rich and the famous there wasn't a problem as far as many of the police officers, journalists and politicians were concerned. After all, was it popular to fight the ant invasion that only happens at a playground or ignore it if kids only get a few bites here and there? The answer would sicken those who fought for a drug and crime free city.

The other party involved in this situation was the passerby who was being give this offer. The man obviously didn't belong in this neighborhood and especially not this side of town. Anybody brave enough to wear a black suit, tie, pants and shoes that looked to be dry cleaned, shined and spiffed had to be either brave, foolish or just ignorant of the danger. There was a reason why there were no good looking vehicles present here. Nice things had a way of disappearing around these parts.

"No thanks,"replied a Russian accent. A look of confusion was on the face of the salesman. Of course, many wouldn't get that reference if keeping up with the news wasn't a major activity. An entrance was made and a move to the front counter was almost immediate. It was as if this person was ignoring the clear signs that something was wrong. This man had to be indicative of the person just waking up with blood all over the sheets and toilet and yet the intoxication of morning disorientation caused the brain to disregard the indication of disorder.

A scared looking front clerk had both hands up to the sky but yet no music was being played and this man wasn't dancing. The store had been ransacked. Nobody outside called the police. Most people around didn't even have a cellular device. Men dressed in ski masks and dark clothing was in the process of stockpiling beer onto a hand truck. The person who entered didn't even pay the robbers any attention. He placed a twenty dollar bill on the front counter.

"Pack of Marlboro Red 100s please," he requested. The store clerk nodded in the general direction of the robbers. The customer turned a head and both eyes towards the robbery. There wasn't a sign on the man's face that he was impressed. He turned his head back and shrugged his shoulders.

"Meh,"he went on to say.

The clerk was amazed at this man's general feeling of not being able to care. Whispering was the only option. The store clerk whispered, "Are you insane? Call the cops. They're robbing me you idiot." One of the rogues noticed the man trying to buy a nicotine fix. Then, all of them noticed this customer. In most cases this would be a horrible situation to be placed into. Yet, not for this man. If these crooks knew what was good for them a hasty retreat was probably the best option right about now.

"Hey, homie! Hands up and empty your pockets!" Gun sights were placed upon this new entrant to the robbery. Yet, none of the demands met compliance. It was as if these criminals were important enough to even be cared about at the time. In fact, this person made a mockery of the request by pulling out a cigarette and go to light the cancer stick.

One of the robbers approached the man from behind. Words didn't come out. There was a general sense of shock from this rogue due to the fact that most people who had a double barrel shotgun presented upon them responded with submission. 

"You deaf? Retarded? Stupid? I said put your hands up and hand up anything you got on you!" Still no response. Once again, this man was mocking the robbers. Once the cigarette was set afire he turned and blew smoke in the ski masked face.

"You have ten seconds minus the five seconds I took to say this to leave," said the customer.

The shotgun was pumped. Outside of the gas station the drug addicts, prostitutes, drug dealers and even the failure salesman could hear a commotion. There were silhouettes of bodies flying around, gun fire, the sounds of grown men screaming and general chaos. A couple of minutes later the man dressed in black came out of the front door with a pack of cigarettes. The smashed front glass door was this man's doing.

"Thank you come again?" That was all the clerk could say at this point. 

A long black vehicle appeared in front of the service station. The dark dressed man scanned the metal contraption. At closer glance of what just appeared one could only wonder why this person chose to wear clothing that belonged to years in the past. The newspaper that got caught on his shoes read October 2, 2042 as a reading date. 

If the limousine ever engulfed steroids and was given an upgrade from the hands of Hephaestus himself this thing could conceivably be the outcome. It levitated with a red glow and sparks that were more of a light show than anything else. The slender build and silver face plate in front of it gave the appearance of a really large cyborg leech.

A car door-like opening detached itself from the side of the vehicle. There were no hinges on the door; it free floated on its own. Out of the machine came a woman dressed in clothing that to many would fit the times especially given the fact that she was law enforcement. Without light she would barely be visible and would only be caught by the eyes given her golden colored hair and radiant, almost glowing in the darkness bright red eyes. Both the black complexion of the full body jump suit she wore and her natural skin color blended together given the fact that they were both the polar opposite of light. 

Her back rested against the vehicle. "Park mode. Ignore all before Jenisic start." She gave the car the command and it obeyed as it lowered itself towards the ground and shut off its own engine. 

"Following me?" asked the man.

"For the love of shit would you turn off the Russian? It's annoying. You don't talk like that Eric," she requested.

A sighed came from the man. Both of his cheeks moved in a way that would show that his tongue was moving inside of his mouth. When he spoke again it was that of an Asian Indian accent. "What do you have against Vocibul? You mean to tell me that we're assigned a software implanted on our tongues that can give us any accent and allow us to download any language into our minds and you're some how ungrateful and won't use it?" he asked. 

"It's not that. I just prefer you being yourself. I like you better that way. And I mean the complete you and not this," she said. The last word that came out of her mouth was followed by a physical action of her holding a hand out towards the person she was talking to. 

Another sigh. "Whatever. I'll do it on the way. What's the problem?" 

"Problem? You assume there's something wrong or we're going on call? I can't just want to see my partner?" she asked.

"Actually no. I know you. You're one of those fair weather friends. I only see you when you need something or we have work to do," he pointed out. His words were followed by movement towards the vehicle and him entering the ride. The female partner duplicated his action but only her moves were towards the driver's side.

"Now that's not true at all. I was there for your birthday party and I even brought a gift," she reminded him.

"Velincia, the so called gift you got for me for a bottle of Crown Royal. God knows how the hell that product is still on shelf since it tastes like shit. And you drunk most of it, caused a scene, ruined my chances of getting back with Aya and you managed to destroy my viewing unit," he reminded her. 

"Don't you just love me? Jenisic start. Move to location beta. Prep mission. Play audio log of emergency call."

Once the man was seated the bulk that wouldn't have been noticeable in such low light became obvious. What was even more obvious was the technological advances made since the creation of the first automobile. The craft levitated once more and moved. There was no steering wheel on the inside. Apparently, one could just speak a location and other things and this machine would perform every task.

"I think I'll go just like this," the man said.

"Don't even think about it. Uniform only. You the know the rules Eric. You got my ass chewed out the last time," she responded.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I understand," he assured her.

The dress suit being worn was a hologram type of device. A blue skinned, six armed and tall humanoid was sitting next to the female in place of the human male. Whatever it was it was wearing a full black suit and black boots like the woman was. On the humanoid's chest was a golden square shaped crest that read NACPD. These two were police officers.

"Alright, to break it down, we got four armed, four hostages, two ways in, and the kinda firepower these guys have is damn near military grade," she informed her partner.

An eyebrow came from the blue man. A small horizontal slit was sitting right above and in-between his eyes. The slit opened to reveal a third eye that also looked at the woman in confusion. "I just read your mind. They got Juolts? Those are better than military grade. It's not even standard issue right now. How the hell did they get their hands on something like that?"

The woman raised her hand and placed her middle finger into the care of her thumb. She thumped the third eye right on the mark. It closed in pain. "Ow! What was that for?" he asked.

"I told you not to read my mind Eric. It's just rude," she said. "Besides, you'll have plenty of time to do that when we get there. Gear up. We're going in hot."


The End

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