"Livi, Olivia? Are you alright?" The panicked cries of my sister could be heard from the other side of the book wall, along with heavy panting and the sound of things being thrown aside. "Yeah" was all I could say in return. I couldn't think straight.

I sat there and waited, staring at the small suitcase, which had the contents of a life.

"Livi!" I turned to see Clive, Ellie's boyfriend, grinning at me through a gap in the books "hold on, alright, we're going to get you outa there." I nodded, and waited patiently my eyes on the wall of books, but my mind on Monica Benning. "Do you think you could climb through?" Clive asked, staring at me through a fairly large gap, I nodded again and stood up taking the hand that he had thrust through and clambering through.

"Thank God!" Ellie said, hugging me, and pulling me back down the ladder, down the stairs and into the kitchen, where Lucy was waiting. "You're alright!" Lucy shrieked and hugged me, so tightly I couldn't breath, but I didn't notice, she did however "whats wrong, you're safe now!" She said staring at me in confusion, I realised that I was crying.

I showed them the small suitcase, "I found this!" I said sitting down and letting them read it. Ellie went still, she was a very quick reader and then murmured something about going to make sure that Clive was okay. Lucy was in floods, she looked at me and tried to say something inarticulate, but I understood.


The End

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