The letters

I was confused, if her father was in the RAF what was she doing all the way in Hawaii, was it that he was asked specially to go, or was it that they were origionally from here but moved to Apalachicola when she was young?

I turned to the next letter hope that it would ease my confused brain:

"Dear Papa

If you are still alive then I must tell you what has happened.

They did it, the Japs, they attacked. I'd say about 350 planes flew over Pearl Harbor. I was out with Barney when they came over but he said that it was a simple drill. Do you remember how I said that I had hopd that we would be ready for them? Well we weren't, we weren't at all. One by one those bombs came crashing down on us, I had to run off to the hospital and Barney to the air fields. I didn't have any idea if he made it or not, Kate told me that she could see the planes from the window and was certain he was in one. The Japs dropped bomb after bomb, it was like they didn't even care who they hit. I had over 1000 patients, few servived.

Many red cross nurses and militery wives came to help. We were deadly low on supplies, for everyone needed something, it seemed as if everyone's injury was fatal. The dead had to be placed on the lawn to make space for the others. Many patients were taken off to other hospitals, but we soon ran out of ambulances, we had to make do with cattle trucks and station wagons, anything that could move was used. We even ran out of beds so we used the kitchen counter.

Not that long after the bombing had started the whole place shook; when I ran to the window I saw a huge crater so close, it was scary.

I don't know if I've seen anything so sad in my life; people who I didn't even know were asking me to send final news to loved ones, constantly asking for comfort and reassurance that they were going to be okay, unfortunately that was something that I couldn't give truthfully.

After having bombed Pearl Harbour the Japs seemed to feel that they hadn't killed enough people, so they headed off to the air fields, destroying many planes, few managed to mae it to the air and once they were up, they didn't often manage to land so smoothly. I could here the shots from down in the hospital.

Just when I thought that it had to be getting better, nothing could be worse than this, the worse happened, Luke came in. He carried the news that John had been shot in the leg as he had tried to escape from the ship with the others, he was trapped underneath it, the Arizona. I did what I could for Luke, I know I could have healed him, I know it, hisdeath is on my hands, I could have done it, I kept asking him to calm down, not realising that it was I who should have been taking that advice, he told me he was calm, that he knew that he was in safe hands, that I could heal anything, well that was obviously false. I have never cried so much as when I held my oldest brother, the brother that I had hated so much, in my arms, for the last time.


The End

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