The letters

I was silent, who is this? She was from Apalachicola and clearly she had planned on returning there, had she done it? Was it possible that Monica Benning was my grandmother? Was she the real mother of Charles Benning?

I looked at the other letters in the suitcase, they were even older than the other. The first was dated July 15 1941:

" Dear papa

Uncle Jerry is still convinced that  the Japanese would never dare to attack the U.S., he thinks that they would declare was first. Others aren't so sure, they think that the Japs are sly and cruel, that they would do anything to win a war, and to gain power. Most are willing to wait though, like uncle Jerry, until war is declared. They aren't going to propose the idea of preparing for war to President Roosevelt until the leader if the English RAF comes home, so please hurry up and come home.

John and Luke are now my constant patients. They are living on the ships with everyone else. They are often to be found out having a beer with friends or having a fight (well John is atleast) with the black volunteers. Like ma always said "Men are like small boys when it comes to fights, they just charge right into it".

I finally finished my nurse's qualification last year, I'm so glad that there is no more need to perform injections, all I heard then was men exclaiming in pain when that small needle touched their backside. At the moment there aren't many needs for nurses, mainly for fight injuries and the occasional sunburn.

Hawaii has neer looked more beautiful, or more calm. That only makes me worried, you know how the phrase goes "it's the calm before the storm" I fear something is coming, something big, I hope that we will be ready for it when it comes.

I almost feel as if I am on vacation, I know I shouldn't but it is so relaxing here, like the resort that we visited back in Florida. The problem is that no one is on the watch anymore, they are either asleep or falling asleep, it makes me worried. Kate says that I am becoming paranoid. I'm glad that I have her, she has been the best best friend anyone could ask for.

How are you, wherever you are. I never know if my letter have arrived because you never send one back, the only mail I get are those form the navy, informing me of John's inapropriate behaviour, not that there is anything I can do about it, they should talk to Luke about that sort of thing!

Anyway I hope that you will reply, as well as come home soon.

Your loving daughter


P.S. Do you remember Barney Benning? Well we have been going out for a while now and he has asked me to move in with him, I used Luke's consent, because he is the oldest while you are gone, I hope you will like him!"

The End

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