Monica Benning

 I stared, shocked!
Who is Monica Benning? Am I American? Why is this here? What are all these things? Questions flared up like wild fire, I didn't know what to think, I had to know more!

I looked again at everything in there, there was a small notebook that was empty, there was my favourite book of all time "little woman" there was a small wooden box, there were many letters and pictures, but the thing that caught my eye was a small envelope, stuck to the lid of the suitcase. I opened it; inside was another letter and two pictures, the first was what looked like a wedding, on the back it said "mine and Barney's wedding", the second was a picture of a beach with a large crater, which seemed to contain a lot of long boxes with the american flag on them, to the side of them were men with guns, there was no caption, both were in black and white.

I picked up the letter and read:

"My dear child

This box is now the only thing I have left of my old family, I will keep it safe until it is time for me to travel along my family's path, when that time comes I shall give this to you, my child. I have just found out that I am pregnant with you, it is nice to know that there is now a light at the end of this very long tonnel! Your father and I have decided to move back to Apalachicola and live there, Kate is staying here because she can't leave her grandmother,  am going to miss her, I greately hope that you will get to meet your godmother.

This week has been the saddest of my life, we have had so many funerals.Today we witnessed the bodies of the few sailors, whose bodies we have found, being buried, your uncle Lucke was among them, the marine rifle squad fired a volley of shots into the air over the bodies. The day before we wen to a funeral for all those whose bodies havn't been found, there was a large list of names hung on the church's wall, your uncle Jake's name was among them. It's strange, I had thought that I hated my brothers, but I guess I was wrong, I had thought that they had hated me, but I guess that I was wrong, for they have left all of their most prized possessions to me, Jake left a message even, saying that he's sorry for all the times I had to cover for him, it made me laugh.

Now I must close the door to the past,  shall lock it and open another. However I shall not completely forget what happened here, I will make sure of that, but I will carry on, I must carry on and play my part to make this world a better place! I intend to make my family proud of me.

Your mother

Monica Benning"

The End

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