The suitcase

"Ow!" I said, tripping over something sticking out from underneath a wooden plank, that had fallen years ago, and we had never been bothered to put back up! "Are you alright?" Lucy said trying to get to me from another said of the small avalanche of books that I had just caused. "Yeah, just tripped over something" I said stumblig to my feet "Are you?" I asked back, feeling slightly claustrophobic as I stared at the wall of books that blocked both Lucy and the way out.

"Yeah I'm fine, but I can't get through to you! There are too many things in the way!" I moaned, "Do you think you can go down and get some help?" I asked "I would but there isn't anyone home, didn't you hear your mum yelling that she had managed to get your brothers down to take them to a rugby match that the painters had extra tickets to, they've all gone!" I swore loudly, that my mum hd managed to break my brothers with tickets to the wasps no doubt, "I can try calling your sister if you want, she'll probably be closest and most able to help!" I grunted in conesnt and heard Lucy scrambling off. 

I looked down at the cause of my distress and pulled it out from under the plank that was keeping it prisoner. I was a small brown suitcase that reminded me of those that the refugees used during world war 2.

Opening it with some difficulty I saw a mish mash of strange items in it, but on top there was a piece of paper that looked like a certificate that was faded but the words were vaguely readable, saying: "Hawai....nurses....this certificate is aw.....Monica Benning for efficiency on Medical and proved wards over a period of.......and by wr........Date January....1942". I stared I'm origionally from America?



The End

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