The discovery

"Wow, look at all this stuff, haha I didn't know that you could actually manage to cram it all up in this attic, it's so cool!" Lucy said poking her head through the attic's latch. I came up after her and groaned "how the hell can you be so happy? We have to clear all this crap away in one day, why not just throw it in the bin, then we wouldn't have to be waisting our time up here, you know I think I might go and join Tim and John and the old treehouse!" I said.

The whole pluce was full of books, boxes, old TVs and computers, our old school pictures and work, old clothes and toys, it was reallya never ending list of everything that was crammed up here. "Oh my God, look here's our old tea set, your poor dog never anticipated us dressing him up as an old lady and trying to get him to drink tea!" I chuckled, yes that was fun, poo Bonio (we had named him afters his favourite dog's treat).

"Alirght then, if we're going to do this, might as well get it over with!" Without futher ado, I grabbed the nearest thin to me (and box of old clothes) and tipped the clothes out of the box onto the landing below, dropping the box after they had all fallen out. I smirked, looking around at Lucy who was staring at me I said "she never said how we should get them out of the attic, she just said to do it!" "Have you gone mad? Some of this stuff is really old, and fragile, you will break it!" I rolled my eyes, she wasn't normally this slow "thats the idea!".

Before I could grab another box, she grabbed my hand "Look Liv, I don't want you to leave anymore than you do, but this won't do anything but get your parents reall pissed at you, I don't want that to happen! We might as well do it properly, your mum won't pay you if we don't!" I looked at her, the thought of getting £100 was very exciting, I nodded "fine, but if we are going to do this properly, I think that we should start with the things at the back and move forward!" she nodded and we slowly made our way to the back of the attic, that was where I found it.


The End

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