The task

A knock on the door made us both jump, and Lucy's laptop slid off my knees and onto the floor just as my mother opened the door, and boy did she look mad. "I have been calling you over and over and you have not had the courtesy to answer, I was getting so worried, I couldn't leave the painters because they had no idea what they were supposed to be doing, and yo could have at least answered, how was I to know if you two were even still here?All this time you two have been on a machine, probably on some disgusting chat room and..." I rolled my eyes at Lucy, my mum is so old fashioned, who calls a laptop a machine? it is a laptop, she always does this when she is angry, I zoned out, imaganing one of those painters coming up here and painting her lips shut. "Are you even listening to me?" I realised that I now had no real excuse to not answer, I looked at her and moved my eyes up and down, I did this because I knew it annoys her and that was ll I was after at the moment. Her eyes flashed and she was about to open her mouth to deliver another, probably longer rant, when Lucy quickly spoke "we're so sorry Karen, we were just looking at pictures of the place where you are moving to, it looks so beautiful we were breathless!" she pointed at the screen of her "machine".

My mum looked down, and I was shocked to see that she smiled "oh, isn't it beautiful baby? Can't you just imagine walking through those woods, or ride deedee on those beautiful fields?" I moaned, of course she would bring Deedee, my horse, into this, the only good thing about the move is that the local stables said that, because Deedee and I had become so attached, I could take her with me.

"Anyway" she said, her voice had recovered some if it's steel "I wanted you to clear out the attic, I thought that seeing as you are the only one who doesn't want to move, you can have the funnest job" "how the hell is cleaning out a dingy old attic fun?" I said in disbelief, the only one! My brothers were in their treehouse right now as a protest, and my oldest sister, Ellie, had driven off to her boyfriends house last week, and still hasn't returned. "oh honey, you used to love playing ghost up there, do you remember how you jumped out at your father and he almost feel back down the ladder?" I tried hard not to laugh, yes I remember that, hethought that there actually was something in the attic until Ellie had gone up there to retrieve me. "So I need it cleared out by tomorrow, so you need to be quick about it!" she turned and I knew it was because she knew what I was about to ask but she had brougt it on herslef "what's in it for me?"

She sighed "£50" I laughed, a hollow laugh, "no deal, if I have to change my whole life I should get more money out of it!" She turned around, glaring at me, then finally "fine" she spat "£100, happy?" "Not really" I mumbled, as she walked off.

The End

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