The truth of the Bennings

my friend and I were looking through some old stuff and found some reallyinteresting family history, so I thought that would be a cool book if someone found out a load about their family that they had no idea even existed! Please comment if you think it' a stupid idea

I could hear my mum getting more and more agravated each time I didn't answer yells up the stairs, but I didn't care, this is m home, I have lived here my whole life and there is no way that I am moving out of this house, let alone out of this country and especially not this continent and America is just too far.

"You know Liv, it might be fun, you know, living in a different country, it kind of like a permanant holiday!" Lucy, my best friend in the whole world, someone I had less than three months left with, had been desperately trying to cheer me up, but, to be honest, her small breakdown hadn't helped. I looked at her, I could feel the sceptisism rolling off of me, she turned her laptop around to show me what it was she had been looking at "this is what the area you will live in looks like, its not that bad, is it?" I looked, and sniggered she had typed in Florida and not Apalachicola "Luce this is the country that I will be staying in, this..." I said typing it in "is the area I will be staying in" she said nothing but just craned her head so she could see the screen, I looked too, getting annoyed at how long it was taking.

Finally the pictures started to pop up, and we both let out a sigh, I hated it, it was so beautiful, and, if I were going there on holiday, I knew that I would love it.



The End

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