I looked at her, took in what she  said. I was slightly shocked, i wondered, was she kidding? I noted the seriousness on her face.

"Of coarse not" i said, insanely curious.

She sort of stared off into space for a moment, before i finally asked

"care to explain?"

She sighed. "You See, on my thirteenth birthday i was at this libary, and this book, Lord Loss of the Demonata series, fell on my head, though im positive that it had been perfectly streight on the shelf"

"And?" I urged

"Well, me and my friends read it, and relized we had been seeing some of the Exact same scared me..untill vancha arrived"

"From the Darren Shan Series" I asked, becoming a bit skeptical

"Yah...He brought me to Vampire Mountain and changed me...It was really weird" She explained

"Ah." I answered

"Yah..They told me alot, and Lord Loss, is trying to kill us all" She said blankly "but aparently there is a weapon, that  can save us all."

Thats when i remembered the dream i had, a desolate wasteland, my real mom locking away somthing. A Man, terrible looking, glaring at me...

I explained it to Alli

"...Then i guess its fate i told you" she said with a smile.

For the next two days she explained a LOT more, turns out a lot of her friends are vampires, and the odd werewolf, and all of them were Wiccan. We spent the next two weeks talking about this, and searching for demons in the forests near my home.

Then the time came, she had to go home for schooling and such.

Nothing really exciting happened, till my new friend eric texted me

Eric: hey dude. LOL  my girlfriend thinks shes physcic

And i relized, my life was gonna get a HELL of a lot more exciting





The End

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