The Truth behind the Mask

The Basic story about the life of a dude hated by most, who dont know the real him, and the journey he put himself threw

    Most Writers begin their story, with were the story began, this however, is a Life Story, Which i promise you is 100% true..Well exept the names. Obviously i can't use people's actual names or it becomes less safe.

   Anyways, for me. Life began at age 3. I Remember moving in with my aunt and uncle. You See, My Real mom couldn't take care of me or my brother anymore.
 Now, a lot of unimportant stuff happened, but  mostly  my life up till 8, was chock full of  annoying little brothers, friends leaving me, and the slight visions.
  Back then my visions wern't that  important, maybe me and my brother  fighting over a gameboy manual, or  me eating breakfast.
  Oh wait, i seem to have forgotten someone. And that  Someone, was Curtis.   You see, Curtis's mom was friends with my sister, we bassicly met at a harry potter convention, but thats not really all that important till later.

What was important was meeting Alli.
My Mom was walking me over to our neighbors house, becuase my brother wanted to hang out with our neighbors grandkid. I came along becuase quite frankly, i was curious on who the hell would hang out with my dweeb of a brother
 We Got there, and i met Brittany, and her 2 grandchildren. One Brandon (my brothers age). And one named Alli, who was a year older then me.
 She was visiting from a town several hours away from mine. over the next two weeks, we became the best of friends.
Now, lets skip a couple years ahead, two to be the exact. At the moment i had no friends what so-ever. So i was over joyed when alli came, only somthing was different about her. While she had used to dress like a tom boy, now she was slightly goth.And she seemed kind of sad.

 I asked her brother about it
"Hey, Somthing up with your sister?" I asked"...No..." he said glancing at my brother, as if they knew somthingI was not in the mood to have secrets held from me by a 8 year  old about the girl i  was convinced would oneday be my girlfriend so i asked him again"Im not an idiot, i know somthings up" i said tensely"...lets just say this, her life has turned into a  Video game" he said(Note: there was a name to this videogame, i just forget what)
"What game is that" i asked"...a game about  a  guy who is stalked by demons" he said before him and my brother biked away.

Right away i biked off to Alli's house and asked her about it. She sighed  and brought me into her bedroom shutting the door and  sat down on her bed, i sat on the one next  to hers
"If i told you that demons were trying to take over the world and kill me, would you think im crazy?"

The End

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