Shelby's been arrested, I don't know if you heard. I hope she knows what she's doing. Funny, she seemed like a lovely girl - shy and obviously terrible treated, yes, but she looked like she wouldn't hurt a fly. You know what they say - it's always the ones you least suspect.

I think Kimbo's considering confessing a few things too. Not to the police, not yet. She said she wants a go in the Confessional box. I told her, 'You need to be a member of the Catholic Church, you silly cow.' So she retorted, 'Well maybe I'll just join. Become a nun, go the whole nine yards, right?' Personally I don't think she'll go through with it. I know what sort of woman she is, and she isn't a nun.

As far as I can see, everyone seems to be confessing things left and right. It's just as I said all along, it's about redeeming yourself... Just doing right by people, you see. So what I've done, so I can feel less worried about this whole situation, is I've burned Dylan's diary. And I've goaded Kimbo into not telling any tales to my wife, so it all seems to have been resolved now.  

I'm not going to tell my wife. I never want anything to do with Kimberley again. She's a disgusting creature, really, and I don't care what anyone has to say about her. I don't need my wife to know I slept with someone like her at all, because frankly it embarrasses me. And the way I see it, I'm doing the right thing by not telling her. It'd damage her and the kids, once they found out, and it would break up the whole family. Nobody needs that. I certainly don't need that. So it's better to keep quiet.

As for Andrew, if he wants his job back so much he can reapply. I haven't found any new applicants just yet, so he could have been working again by now. You know, everyone seems to think that he's the most decent one of us, but he's not perfect. He's a slave to others. He puts people before himself not because he's so caring, but because he can't excuse his lack of motivation to do, well, anything with his life. He never grew up. He's still living with his mother, and he... well, he obviously had his shot at independence and didn't take it. And I think that's already proved to be a real problem. So he's flawed too. You see, I think everybody's flawed, and really as long as you're no less flawed than the next man, you'll be alright. That's... that's what I believe in.

The End

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