That Shelby girl just saved my arse. Jesus Christ, I never bloody expected that!

All the time she was talking about Dylan, I moved further away from Richard so as to be out of harms way, you know. And by the end, Shelby's saying 'Call them, call the police, please, somebody!' So I though, OK, nobody else is going to have the balls to do this, so I marched right over to the phone and started pressing in numbers. I got as far as, well, 9, before Richard said, 'Kimbo, no. Nobody's calling anybody. We all need to sit down and have a chat about this.'

Chat, I thought. What do you think this is, bloody coffee morning at the local church? But I put the phone down again and marched over and enveloped Shelby in a hug. All I could think to do, really.

So we all sit down a minute, and by this time Shelby's calming down a bit. See, I know her name now, funny thinking all the way through this I've not known her name and now I do, and I also know she's killed her brother. When you think about it, would've made more sense to kill her parents but less easy to make it look like an accident, know what I mean? Anyway. Yeah, shocking. So Shelby's saying there's nothing to discuss; she's made her mind up about going to prison and could somebody call the police now. I say 'I'll do it, Shelby babe' and Richard says 'No' and Shelby says, 'I'm going to call them myself in a minute then, if nobody else does.'

She says that once she is in prison she's, erm... what did she say? Oh yeah. She says she's going to have a clear conscience again. It's been a bloody nightmare for her, apparently, no sleep or anything ever since the funeral. And she's in so much debt trouble too. So she says once she's in prison she's going to go bankrupt, although to do that she'll need a couple hundred quid and would Andrew mind lending it to her? Andrew nodded - he looked fucking miserable by this stage, and I don't blame him, poor sod. Shelby said, 'I promise I'll pay it back once I'm out. My debt should be wiped by the time I get out, and I can move away, far away from here.' Poor babe, she thinks she'll be free once she's out of prison. I said to her, 'Sweetheart, you'll have a criminal record. You might never get a  job again'. And she laughed and joked about committing another crime on release and getting straight back into prison.

Richard seemed a bit disgusted by all this talk, like merely being in a room with a pair of criminal minds was too much to bear. He always did have a bit of a broom up his arse, that one. I said maybe if I ended up in prison we could be pals, like 'the cell-mate you never had'. She said she'd think about it. Cheeky bag.

I think for her it'd just be an excuse to get away from her parents. For all I know she's made all this up just to get into prison. Anyway she seems a bit unstable, so she probably actually has done the deed. It's not really cold-blooded murder, is it, pushing your brother down a well? I mean I shoved my best mate into a stream when I was eight, it's just a childish thing to do. Fucking hell, Andrew looked unstable too. Probably missing his mum a bit. I do feel a bit bad now, for what I did to her. Dylan not so much because we did sleep together and everything, he wasn't just a random stranger. Anyone could have told him what sort of fucking 'character' I was... but Mrs Frances seeks out strangers. She was too easy. I didn't need to do that.

I'm not sorry about the blackmail either. And I hope Richard has the balls to do the right thing and tell his wife what's really going down, because thats a shitty thing to do to somebody. At least Dylan, he wasn't married with two kids in boarding school. Richard's got no excuse. He's just a pile of shit. And a rapist. But I'm not going to report him, I want him to do something right for once in his fucking life.

The End

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