Well, I w... I was stunned. I think everyone else was too. There was a horrible silence. Just horrible. Everyone was staring at her, just letting her stand there, crying. 

Then she started talking again, looking at me.

'He knew everything,' she said. 'He new Mum and Dad were keeping money from me. It started about ten years ago, and he noticed, of course he noticed he was getting new clothes and new shoes and I wore the same things month after month after month. In the beginning he helped. He stole some money for me once so I could wear something decent and buy some food to hide away, but my parents realised what he'd done and he got punished. They never punished him like they punished me, they were never mean to him! He didn't know.'

Dylan kept trying to help her but his parents punished him every time. One time they sat him down when they thought Shelby wasn't listening and explained that it was for the best because she was a bad person. They told Dylan his sister was a prostitute and that she'd been stealing money from them. And after that Dylan stopped helping, and started talking to her less and less. And he went on to do charity work around the world and sponsored endangered animals. Everybody loved Dylan. He even opened a branch of the British Heart Foundation once.

Shelby kept saying she couldn't bear how nice he was in everyone else's eyes, when he just let her get by on a ration of food, clothes... everything. Shelby's parent's made her do the shopping and they always gave her slightly less money than she needed to buy everything, just to torment her even more. And when she didn't bring everything home, they'd beat her, so she ended up begging the shopkeepers to let her have this thing or that thing, even giving favours if she was desperate. That grocer wasn't the worst of them. One of them used to make her pose for pictures. It was horrible.

So when Dylan was checking the grandmother's house, cleaning round and so on, shelby turned up unexpectedly, saying 'Oh I hate all this, can't we be friends, like the old days?' And Dylan said he'd think about it. And then Shelby led him into the garden over the well, and he stumbled and almost went in. So it was... just a matter of finishing the job.

Shelby was in tears again by the end of it. 'I deserve to go to prison,' she said, over and over again, 'I deserve to go to prison. Call them, call them now, somebody call them.'

I can't believe it. I just can't believe it, my head's spinning... I don't want to call the police because she's such a poor person. She doesn't deserve anything like this amount of punishment and she never did. I just... I don't know what to do. It's a nightmare.

The End

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