As soon as Greg hung up I knew he was under orders from that bastard Richard to find out where I was. I said, 'I bet he even gave the fat bald git the address,' and sure enough, about an hour later Richard turns up, having put the missus to bed. I told him immediately, 'Get out, right? You're not bloody invited', but he stepped in anyway, and Andrew didn't stop him. That kid'll let in bloody anybody.

Richard claims he just came round to apologise, and I said, 'Well I don't want you here. Piss off. And you can tell Greg to piss off too, because he's a smarmy tell-tale little shit.' And Richard said, 'Oh, I see. I thought you were best friends. Workmates. I wouldn't be surprised if you tried to jump his bones at one point' and I said 'Richard that language is not becoming of you, why don't you piss off back home and clean the fucking stables?' 

Then Andrew stands up, suddenly looking really annoyed, and I thought, 'Uh oh,'. He says, 'Workmates... It's you! What did you do to my Mum?'

Crap, I thought. So I turned on Richard and said, 'How about we both agree to keep our bloody mouth shut here, hmmm? I'll go away from here, I'll never see your missus again or tell her anything, right? And you tear up that thing of Dylan's and we'll be on our merry way?' Andrew's looking daggers at me, like he's aching to say what an appalling bitch I am and how could I do such a thing etc. And I can tell I'm in a lot of trouble. I'm in a room with a former fuck-buddy who's blackmailed me and then fucking raped me in my own house, a bloke who's mother I've had a bit of fun with and the sister of someone I've also had a bit of fun with. And I'm not sorry I did, I mean messing his mother up a bit, I still think it was fucking hilarious and it's not as if the encounter could possibly make her any more fucked up, could it?

I said pretty much all this to the people in the room and Andrew's looking bleeding murderous by this point, but he's a little lad and he can't barge me out of the house. Ricard probably could, but it's not his house and we have an argument to settle. Richard says, 'Aren't you the least bit sorry, Kimbo?' and I say 'DON'T EVER CALL ME KIMBO AGAIN, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!' And he says, 'I call you what I want, how could you be such a bitch to everyone? How many lives have you ruined? Did Mrs Frances deserv it? Did Dylan deserve it?'

I told him, 'Oh fuck off,' but Richard still wasn't finished, and he said, 'Kimberley, everyone has to pay for their misdeeds eventually. Maybe, yes, I slept with another woman while I was married. Yes, I attacked you. But I've done more good than bad in the world and I considered myself an honourable man.' and I say, 'You're anything but honourable, you piece of shit!' And he says... he says, 'Oh, but you, Kimberley, for your crimes you could be put away for a very long time. You'd lose your job, you'd be friendless, penniless and everyone would see you for the ruthless, heartless whiny old ugly bitch that you are. I could call the police right now and nobody in this room would try and stop me.'

So I hit him across the face. He didn't fall down, but I caught his wrist before he could hit me back and we fell on the floor. I could see Shelby wailing something and Andrew trying to stop the fight, but I just ripped into that bastard. I hit and scratched and then I bit his fucking nose. You should have seen the fucking blood. Fucking BRILLIANT.

The End

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